Firsts steps of sales prospecting: the training

Among the 5 stages of sales prospecting, getting properly trained for the job is obviously important. Following a prospection training course guarantees effective commercial prospection. Sales prospecting is an important part of the sales cycle of a product or service. It consists of acquiring customers or retaining them, thus ensuring the continuity of a company. Its effectiveness is based on specific techniques. Follow the guide!

  • Why take a commercial prospection course?
  • What are the prospection training modules?
  • How to participate in a prospection training course?


Why take a sales prospecting training course?

As we said just before one of the first sales prospecting steps is training. Taking a commercial prospection course helps to develop valuable prospection strategies. It helps learners to target prospects effectively and convert them into real customers. This  sales prospecting training also helps them to develop customer loyalty. It provides methods of customer relationship management, helps to develop an objection handling system and also contributes to the management of sales teams.

What are the sales prospecting training modules?

There are several channels through which a company can effectively target its potential customers. The company can choose between physical, digital or analogue prospection methods depending on its objectives.

Cold call prospection

This method of prospection encourages a spontaneous reaction from the prospect. During the training, you will learn how to overcome the secretarial barriers. You will also discover techniques for directing the call in order to present catchy pitches. You will be trained to adopt the right postures to hold the interest of your interlocutor during the conversation.

Prospection by e-mailing

This technique is particularly popular with sales people. The challenge is to distinguish yourself from the competition through attractive content. For example, favour a short message, which arouses the recipient’s interest. Discover all our tips in the article How to write an effective prospection email?

Prospection in the field

Meeting a prospect or customer face-to-face promotes a close relationship and enables requests to be dealt effectively. It encourages targets to participate in sales meetings. It is very important to follow a field prospection training course to better manage objections and avoid the inconvenience of a surprise visit.

Prospection for key accounts

Business-to-business sales actions often involve many parties. The negotiation stages are always quite complex. It is therefore important to prepare properly in order to carry out prospection for key accounts. A prospection training course enables you to identify the best channels for targeting companies.

Prospection by social selling

Digital prospection has become essential, due to the development of social networks. It consists of finding prospects on B2B networks such as LinkedIn or B2C networks such as Facebook. To do this, it is sufficient to regularly publish interesting content that will encourage prospects to take action. The social selling prospection training will help you create relevant content.

How to participate in a prospection training course?

There are several sales schools that offer both face-to-face and online prospection training. You can choose the one that best suits your particular needs and expectations. Here is our selection:

Icono Class

Whether you are in a company or on your own, Icono Class offers tailor-made training. You can follow an e-learning course during which you will benefit from courses edited by professionals. The training modules include all the elements of a sales cycle, including prospection. You can also participate in face-to-face sessions with expert coaches.

Rocket School

Rocket School offers a three-day training course specifically for B2B markets. It aims to optimise lead generation, using innovative tools and successful targeting methods. Among other things, it helps to define effective KPIs. It helps to enrich target lists via e-mailing and phoning. The training also enables you to create personalised approaches via e-mail, LinkedIn or other channels.

Humind School

In its Ramp For Success programme, Humind School offers training in the creation and execution of prospection. These consist of the proper definition of a sales target and the development of multi-channel prospection strategies. They take place over a period of four weeks. They are distinguished by the participation of learners during each session.


To conclude

A prospection training programme is essential for the smooth running of a customer prospection. It consists of several modules. Among other things, you will receive advice on how to structure a telephone call and how to successfully conduct a prospection emailing. The content should be catchy and interesting. In addition, the training will familiarise you with the tools used to prospection a potential client. Several business developer schools, namely Icono Class, Rocket School and Humind School offer this type of training.

The next step? Understanding the key difference between Prospecting and Selling.

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