Acquiring new customers is one of the main concerns of any company, whatever its field of activity. Increasing the number of customers is indeed a way to make your business grow and increase your turnover. Prospecting is the best way to achieve this. Discover in this article how to write a script for effective telephone prospecting.

Understand the principle of Cold Calling

To sell a product or service on the telephone, it is first of all important to understand what sales prospecting , also known as “sales phoning”, is all about. It is an operation that allows you to find new potential customers, regardless of your field of activity.

The advantage of telephone prospecting is the fact that it allows you to reach a maximum number of people in record time and at low cost. To be successful in prospecting on the telephone, first and foremost master the most common sales techniques.

If it is difficult to do prospecting face-to-face, it is even more complicated to do it over the phone, since your prospect has no visual of you. They must rely solely on your voice, tone and speech. In addition to a sympathetic tone, the success of a telephone prospecting project depends on your script. A good strategy and professionalism are required to make it a success.

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The structure to follow for cold calling

To avoid failure, a sales telephone prospecting campaign must be carried out according to precise rules. It should be remembered that, in France as in various countries around the world, private individuals are very reluctant to make telephone calls. It is therefore essential to adopt good strategies.

Prepare your call

To be successful, be sure to prepare for you call. Before doing a cold call, you must check that you have all the necessary information, mainly the first and last name of your prospect (which you have previously collected on the web).

Please note that hearing their name can increase the interest of your contact person. Depending on your business, you should also know his or her age, profession or interests to better sell your product or service. In the case of B2B telephone prospecting, have as much information about the company as possible.

Prepare your script

Before calling, you must have finished writing your script explicitly. Since this is a telephone prospecting script,it’s important to know it by heart. It is strongly discouraged to read the script while you are on the phone with your prospect.

If necessary, you can even simulate your phone call to make your speech look more natural. In addition to your script, also prepare a telephone prospecting pitch. Anticipate all of your caller’s answers, leaving no room for destabilizing improvisation. This is one way to avoid blanks in your telephone conversations.

Example of a cold calling script

Whether your contact is an individual or a company, the basic script of telephone prospecting in traffic creation must be strategic. You can use the following scripts as an example of telephone prospecting.

B to B telephone prospecting script

Here is an example of a very classic script for a b-to-b telephone canvassing.

Hello ! *name* of the company *name of the company that employs you* speaking. Is this the *name* company I’m looking for?

We have seen on your website that you offer personalized clothing as a communication support for companies and service providers. (A way to show that you are interested in your prospect). So you might be interested in our offer.

We produce different types of high quality fabrics that can be used for your confections. They come in all colors and materials.

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