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The 4th industrial revolution in which we find ourselves with artificial intelligence, autonomous transport, biotechnology etc. is changing our skills and needs. The report of The World Economic Forum, is giving its must have skills list for 2020. We give you the keys to perfect your recruitment strategy and not miss out on top candidates.



Having such innovative team members in your group represents a great asset in the long term. First, it is useful for differentiating yourself from your competitors, bringing in new ideas and developing the brand. Innovation is the key to success in 2020. This is the skill that has evolved the most in recent times. And most importantly, for which there is the most demand today. Creative minded candidates are rare and in demand by successful companies, don’t miss out.

Resolving complex problems

Taking initiative and solving problems efficiently, without panicking or creating confusion is important to ensure the sustainability and autonomy of a team. Indeed, knowing how to manage complexity, distance oneself from complex situations, accepting reality, is a guarantee of performance. In fact, an employee will have the right behavior and will be able to make the best decisions for the company. Being able to face complex situation is a must have skill in these times of rapid environmental change. Innovations are numerous and flexibility is the order of the day.

Critical thinking skills

Critical thinking is essential to measure the accuracy of one’s work. Indeed, taking distance from one’s own work is essential when working in a team. In addition, studying the data before establishing the truth is essential to be able to situate oneself in an evolving context. Being critical means looking at the data while being objective and taking into consideration the context. 


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A close-knit team that supports each other is a must-have for the success of the team. Gone are the days of intense internal competition, make room for collective evolution and the progress of the company as a whole. Being willing to put aside personal ambitions (at times) is part of the must have skills to look for in a candidate.

Indeed, setting a common goal and finding a balance with everyone can be tough. However, it is worth it. The team benefits from mutual support, communication and higher productivity. One last advantage: managers are better able to delegate to the team.

Emotional intelligence

This is a very important new concept today. Especially, facing clients. Indeed, your employee must be able to adapt to its interlocutor. You need to know how to assess and express your emotions, to be able to regulate them and to use them in an adequate and proportionate way to be effective. In the digital area we are in, it is very important to not forget about good social skills. Consumer relationship and experience depend on it.

Judgement and decision making

Also in line the skills listed just before, being strong and objective in decision making is the cement of the team work efficiency. To be clear and confident with your decisions is one of the must-have skills to look for in a team manager especially. It does not mean that the decisions has to be made alone, but it has to take into account the reactions of those concerned, the context and the issues arising from the decisions.

What to keep in mind

We provided you with a comprehensive list of must-have skills to build the most efficient and collaborative team. These insights should help you in your outbound recruiting strategy to spot the bests candidates before everyone!


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