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The 4th industrial revolution in which we find ourselves with artificial intelligence, autonomous transport, biotechnology etc. is changing our skills and needs. According to the report prepared by the World Economic Forum, the ideal skills will have changed by 2020.

Resolving complex problems

Knowing how to manage complexity and distance oneself from complex situations, accepting reality, is a guarantee of performance for an employee who will be able to make the best decisions for the company.

Critical thinking skills

Studying the data before establishing the truth is essential to be able to situate oneself in an evolving context.  Being critical means looking at the data while being objective.


Useful for differentiating yourself from your competitors, bringing in new ideas and developing the brand. This is the skill that has evolved the most in recent times and for which we are most in demand today to differentiate ourselves from the competition and escape the hype.

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Human resources

Employees are the best resources we can have. Happy employees are more productive at work. Being social is good for the common well-being and for encouraging, motivating and listening to team members.


Having a common goal in mind and finding a balance with everyone: A skill that promotes mutual support and productivity within a team. It also means knowing how to delegate.

Emotional intelligence

This is a very important new concept today. You need to know how to assess and express your emotions, to be able to regulate them and to use them in an adequate and proportionate way to be effective.

Judgement and decision making

Being strong and objective in decision making are adjectives that define this ability to do productive work.

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