Every day, a person receives about ten messages in his or her mailbox. We then think of using this communication tool to prospect. However, it is still necessary to adopt the right methods to succeed in standing out from the competition. To succeed in Cold Emailing, here’s our advice.

A reminder about Cold Emailing

As its name suggests, Cold Emailing is a technique for approaching a prospect by email. It is called cold canvassing because the person does not expect to receive your message. It is not an advertisement or a sales proposal. The goal is to get an appointment with the person. This technique is mainly used in B2B. If well thought out, the strategy has many advantages.

The advantages of Cold Emailing

Above all, cold calling by email saves both time and money. Less time is lost because contact can be made simultaneously and automatically. You don’t pay so much, because Cold Emailing costs next to nothing. Just count the purchase of automation software. which will help in the rapid multiplication of messages. Some offers even offer free trials for a certain period of time that will allow you to launch your prospection without paying anything.

In addition, it is much less disruptive than other methods such as telephone contact or door-to-door. This will reduce frustration and increase the chances of accepting a date.

Finally, Cold Emailing, once implemented, can be automated and give you more time to focus on more important elements in your business. But how can this be done successfully, especially when many competitors use the same process?

Good advice for successful cold emailing

Good targeting

As with all prospecting, you must target your customers as well as possible. It is mainly a question of establishing a B2B contact.. This leads to professional, not personal email.

It is possible to create personas to get a better idea of the target customer. With the help of a fictitious form, you will be able to better imagine the prospect and approach him in a more personalized way despite the automation of emails.

Creating an email list

nce you have targeted your customers, create a list of emails to contact. Some people think that buying a customer file is an asset. However, it is not recommended, as it may contain various errors and inaccuracies of information.

It is preferable to establish your customer file by yourself by going for example to LinkedIn, generate efficient filters to filter your search and automatically export these enriched contacts via Kaspr.
Cold email

Writing an attractive message

The purpose of Cold Emailing being to arouse the prospect’s interest until an appointment is made, you need to write an email worthy of the name. To this end, write a short and precise message not exceeding 150 words. Beyond that, the prospect may get bored and will think about skipping out.

In this hundred words, don’t talk about yourself. Instead, mention the prospect’s possible needs and expectations and then suggest a satisfactory course of action.

Finally, it is not necessary to create an advertising email with images and logos of all kinds. On the contrary, it is best to keep the message as simple as possible, black on a white background with a touch of personalization.

Customize messages

As we are in the middle of a prospecting campaign, the customer remains king. It is imperative to personalize the message as much as possible. Of course, you are not going to write every email for thousands of prospects, but still leave a unique message impression. It is also a way to distinguish your email from other messages that the prospect is likely to receive.

Automate the operation and restart

Finally, to manage your prospecting as well as possible, think about automating the sending of emails. Re-launch if necessary without harassing the customer. In principle, prospecting by email lasts between 45 and 60 days with at least 5 reminders. You are now ready for a good prospecting with Cold Emailing.. It’s up to you.

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