Which marketing strategy choose to generate leads?

Inbound or Outbound: How to weigh the pros and cons

Today, technology makes many marketing techniques available to companies. In the case of an SME, the stakes are high in order to improve its ROI or return on investment. Indeed, with a limited budget, often minimal delays or a very present competition, finding its customers has become a real challenge. We invite you to discover what we mean by Inbound and Outbound marketing and how to make your choice and generate leads.

The principle of inbound marketing

This technique is intended to increase the incoming traffic on the interface of a given company. Subsequently, visitors to the site or blog are to be transformed into what are referred to as qualified leads.

It was in the United States that the notion of digital strategy was born. Its principle consists of attracting clients to generate leads instead of relying on traditional strategies.

Nowadays, the buyer receives quantity information via the Internet, where he can now make his purchases. The main task for companies is to find ways to convince them to adopt their products or services. The basic principle is to choose the right method at the right time.

It is by sending messages that meet their needs that it is possible to convert them into a qualified audience.

Furthermore, the value of the content is paramount. They must be regular, in various forms and distributed through different channels. To achieve it, you can use articles from blogs or other newsletters, as well as computer graphics or podcasts.

Your communication must be relevant, because it is by responding to your readers’ issues that you will attract their attention. You must then gain their trust and ensure that your relationship is as human as possible.

What are the objectives of outbound marketing?

This strategy is essentially aimed at helping you find your future customers. Here again, it is through specific communication that prospecting is carried out. Several options are possible, including the use of mass emailing, the use of sponsored links or the launch of a telephone campaign.

You may considered these traditional techniques too aggressive, however, their effectiveness is such that they reach a wider audience. Moreover, there is no need to opt for a complicated method that takes place over a long period of time. Usually, the managers of a company rely on paid advertisements or hire a sales team. You can read our article on this subject: The benefits of outbound marketing, for more details.

How do you choose between these two techniques?

We can tell you that it is advisable to combine these two strategies. In fact, they are complementary and allow you to work on all levels to develop your business and generate leads.

In short, inbound marketing makes it possible to attract visitors in a completely natural way. This results in an improvement of your traffic. Moreover, you gain their trust by offering them quality content. In this way, it is easier to convert them into qualified leads. Moreover, your e-reputation will also be boosted, because your credibility and visibility on the web will be optimised. Finally, your brand is better valued and its promotion is guaranteed.

As far as outbound marketing is concerned, the first advantage is to be able to reach a larger audience in a shorter time frame. It is a good way to make yourself known and thus maintain your image. As your communication is more effective, your customer network grows rapidly. This method also encourages your prospects to buy.

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What can I do to get better results?

All that remains to be done is to put these two strategies into practice and find the right balance between them.

First and foremost, focus on your target. Take advantage of outbound marketing and its targeting techniques. One of the best techniques you can use is to create so-called “marketing personas”.Your approach will be more effective if you limit your expenses by refining your targeting. From now on, this will be the guideline to follow for all your processes, including your inbound and outbound campaigns, ensuring quality content and a consequent ROI.

As you evolve, it is important to combine these two methods. The goal is simply to avoid suffering the inconvenience of one of them by balancing your actions as best you can. Here are a few tips to put in place:

– Extend communication beyond your products. It can be interesting to invite the prospect to consult a free e-book. The promotion can be done in a more subtle way by creating a blog or by being visible on social networks;

– Organize a trade show to answer visitors’ questions. Such an approach will allow you to better understand the needs and requests of your future customers, while improving communication between the two parties.

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