How to generate qualified leads?

Lead generation involves two important points: quantity and quality. The hardest thing to do is to generate qualified leads. In a digital environment where prospecting is difficult, it is necessary to adopt the best strategies to convert visitors not only into leads, but also into qualified leads. Here are our tips.


A little reminder about the lead

As a reminder, a lead is a person who has expressed an interest in your company without you having to solicit. This can happen because of a product, service or information that the prospect has asked for in return for which he or she has given some information about himself or herself.

It is not always easy to attract visitors and competition is tougher than ever. How do you find quality prospects? That’s where the strategy of generating qualified leads comes in.

generate qualified leads

How does lead generation works ?

In inbound marketing, lead generation can be divided into four crucial points. First, the offer is suggested, such as a high value proposition, presenting the company’s product or service. It can be in the form of an e-book, white paper, coupons, blog and others.

Then comes the call-to-action or CTA stage, which takes the form of a button or an image that links directly to the destination page giving the details of the offer.

The next step is the landing page or destination page, a specialized page with precise information about the offer and a form to download to obtain it.

Finally comes the form itself that the visitor fills out and which allows you to obtain information about the visitor. But how do you make sure that the visitor does not ignore your offer, that he is interested enough to give the information you need?

To know which marketing strategy works best for you, you can read our article : Which marketing strategy to choose to generate leads?

How to generate qualified leads ?

Present an impactful offer

The proposals are numerous. To attract potential customers, you must stand out through your offer by using a few effective principles. Whether it’s a white paper, an e-book, a membership, a free trial, you must make the offer attractive and irresistible by removing any form of doubt.

The principle of scarcity can be interesting insofar as it gives your offer a limited character with a risk of shortage. The latter being a great psychological influence likely to push you to buy. You can also limit the quantity and duration of the offer in order to encourage an emergency purchase.

Furthermore, you can use real and existing information on the market to attract your customers. For example, you can qualify an offer by mentioning the number of people who have already bought, downloaded, or registered and subscribed. This increases customer confidence. And don’t forget the trendy effect of presenting offers for trendy products or services.

Finally, don’t forget to be sharper in your invitation. Instead of “contact us”, put “I’m in” or “here we go”. Of course, get rid of the overly technical jargon that can set the customer back.

A good CTA creation

For qualified lead generation, CTA needs to really capture the attention. It makes sense to place it in a highly visible location without disturbing the visitor’s reading. Above the waterline, it will find its place.

It should also be more effective with simple and clear terms, with bright colors that intuitively incite to click. The call-to-action must not merge into the page. What about the page?

A neat landing-page

Also called lead capture page or landing page, the landing page is different from the ordinary web page. It contains short and precise information about the offer. To do so, choose a title, a short description with at least one supporting image and, not to forget, a form. Note that in this brief description, the advantages of the offer should be specified in simple and captivating terms.

A smart form to qualified your leads

The idea is to collect as much information as possible about the potential customer. Nobody wants to fill in a form that is too long or asks for too many details. Therefore, you can play with the layout of the form.

For example, you can align the entire form to the left. This will make the form look airy and give the impression of de-cluttering. As far as the information to be collected is concerned, you will be able to choose the information that is really necessary for your prospection.

Finally, do not hesitate to use social media to promote your business. For example, you can put share buttons on the landing-page so that the visitor can more easily make a recommendation to his relatives.


In conclusion

In short, you could go further, but you already have the basic information necessary for a good generation of qualified leads.

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