LinkedIn prospecting: why choose LinkedIn?

To begin with, if you haven’t read our LinkedIn prospecting infographic, you’re missing something >> LinkedIn prospecting infographic.

Successful sales prospecting requires the implementation of a good strategy and the use of certain tools. Especially in B2B, LinkedIn is one of the best lead generation levers. This social network has a very good reputation and has already proven itself to many professionals. In the field of commercial prospecting, they have chosen it:

  • To generate leads
  • For its millions of users
  • To maintain the image
  • To prepare appointments


A LinkedIn prospecting strategy to generate leads

Whether you’re inbound or outbound marketing, LinkedIn comes into play in your lead generation strategy.


In inbound marketing

If your business development technique is to attract people to enter your conversion tunnel, here’s how to use LinkedIn to do so.

  • Start by defining your persona, then add new contacts that match your typical customer.
  • Based on your industry, establish your site’s editorial line to create content that meets the needs of your future prospects.
  • Share your articles on LinkedIn to convert your contacts into visitors. With a well-designed landing page, you will increase your chances of turning them into leads.

Want to learn more about how LinkedIn can improve your traffic? Check out this article and with application, you’ll see your lead numbers skyrocket.


LinkedIn prospecting : essential to outbound marketing

This professional platform also allows you to practice social selling, an outbound marketing strategy that consists in selling directly on social networks. Remember that on LinkedIn, it is possible to conduct personalized searches to target your prospects. You can search for people based on their industry, position, region, etc. To do this, try our Kaspr LinkedIn business prospecting tool.

It has a task automation feature and can automatically send invitations and thank-you messages. If you use a CRM, tools such as Kaspr can collect the contact information of your LinkedIn contacts.


LinkedIn prospecting : for its millions of users

LinkedIn prospecting

LinkedIn is a social network that is constantly evolving as the number of users increases. Some statistics confirm that it welcomes a new member every 7 seconds. To date, it already has more than 722 million registered users with hundreds of millions of active users per month. As you can see, LinkedIn is an inexhaustible source of prospects to exploit if you want to carry out your B2B commercial prospecting. Note also that its presence extends to several countries around the world, making its site available in 24 languages. It allows you to expand your geographical area of prospection.

If you want to develop your strategy only in France, you should know that on the French territory, there are about 20 million people registered on LinkedIn. This figure represents nearly 64% of the active population. In 2019, there were more than 2 million visits per day.


To maintain your good image

To generate leads, a business prospecting tool will not be enough, because you must first take care of your company’s appearance in order to gain the trust of your potential customers. This is where LinkedIn comes in, by establishing, maintaining and conveying a good image of you.

With this in mind, take care of your profile, something you can use as a resume or even more. Each of your prospects usually consults this interface to know a little more about you, your company and all your values.

Through your cover and profile photos, you can already inspire confidence in visitors by showing your seriousness. Don’t forget to fill in the description and title fields to convey information about you or your company.

Also maintain your image through the way you interact with your prospects via LinkedIn. Participate directly in discussions, leave comments that reflect your values, and publish posts related to your industry.


Use LinkedIn to prepare for your meetings

There’s more to business prospecting than lead generation. If you deploy an outbound marketing or outbound recruiting strategy, at some point, you need to schedule an initial contact. Then comes the stage where you and the prospect set up an appointment.

It is precisely at this stage that LinkedIn will also be of great use to you, as it will allow you to learn about your prospect by discovering their career, their interests, their skills, etc. The social network provides you with the information you need to prepare the discussion and put forward relevant arguments during the exchange.


Things to remember

If you are planning to conduct a sales prospecting campaign, consider using the levers at your disposal. LinkedIn, with its years of existence, is a recommended platform for many reasons, all of which relate to your marketing strategy.

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