How to follow up on a former prospect during your commercial prospecting campaign?

In order not to miss opportunities to make a sale, you must organize a commercial prospecting campaign every year. To do so, you must look for new customers, but do your prospect follow-up. In the second case, the follow-up allows you to maintain the link previously established with a customer. This practice requires perseverance, because sales are made between the 4th and 11th reminder. To do this effectively, apply these few tips:

  • Be patient, without being too insistent;
  • Think more about advising than selling;
  • Vary your prospect follow-up techniques.


Do your prospect follow up by being patient and not too insistent

Keep in touch with your prospects by making follow-up emails regularly. However, avoid abusive canvassing so as not to end up on their blacklist. To do this, opt for a recontact by e-mail and wait three to four days before making the first reminder. Give them time to get back to you, as your e-mail may not be among their priorities.

For the second attempt, wait about ten days, and twenty days for the next one. Also try to vary the time of your email by taking into account your prospect’s schedule. Use a CRM to program a follow-up plan. Determine in advance the date and time of sending as well as the messages to be sent. To see our suggested messages, see the article: sample prospecting emails.

Use an email tracking tool to know when your prospect opened the email sent. You can then set the date of the next reminder from there. Each time you send a new reminder, remember to vary the content of your emails. Indeed, routine is not profitable when it comes to commercial prospecting. You can make a commercial reminder, bring information related to the prospect’s business, invite him to an event…


You commercial prospecting must be more about advising than selling

Prospect follow up
Don’t forget that the purpose of commercial prospecting is to make a product known to a person likely to buy it. To follow up on a prospect, use the information you have obtained on him/her during your previous exchanges. Personalize the content of your follow-up message to better meet their expectations. If you have goals to meet, don’t waste your time with those who don’t want to buy. Target the right prospects and use the Customer Centric Selling method to identify their needs.


Listen to them and offer solutions to their problems first. This way, you can gain their trust and get them to make a sale. You can differentiate yourself from your competitors by trying to act as an advisor rather than a salesperson. To do this, provide the information your prospect needs (figures, news…). By doing so, you can ensure a long-term collaboration. If your prospect shows no interest, stay positive and confident, because you will have gained experience.


Vary your prospect follow-up strategies

You have a variety of business development levers at your disposal to generate business. Telephone follow-up is effective for reconnecting with your prospects, but also for identifying new ones. To provide useful information, opt for sending a personalized e-mail. If it’s a customer, don’t forget to ask him if he was satisfied with his first purchase. Social networks like LinkedIn can help you spread the news about your company. Many prospects can be interested in them and thus facilitate your commercial prospecting. You can also collect their needs to better satisfy them.


Organize events and workshops to arouse the curiosity of your prospects. You can use these moments to promote and sell your products. If a customer is satisfied with his purchase, practice upselling or cross selling. The first solution aims at offering the same product, but at a higher level. The second solution consists in offering complementary products to what they have already bought. Know that you have a better chance of making an impression on your prospects by opting for multi-channel prospecting.


In conclusion

Now, you have at your disposal all the keys to succeed in your prospect follow-up. Choose patience over insistence, which can drive them away. Don’t forget to use a CRM to facilitate your follow-up. Position yourself above all as an advisor and not as a salesperson. By gaining your prospect’s trust, you can encourage them to make a sale. To attract his curiosity, vary your follow-ups and opt for a multi-channel prospecting.

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