What I like most about Kaspr is the ability to use the Kaspr API and to perform quick and automated searches.
François de Froment, Growth Manager at Agicap

Agicap Success Story

Agicap is a FinTech startup founded in 2016 by Clément Mauguet, Sébastien Beyet and Lucas Bertola. This SaaS solution makes cash management accessible to VSEs and SMEs. Fast and intuitive, it allows managers and entrepreneurs to automate their cash forecasting and monitor and focus on the essential: their business.

Agicap’s Challenge

In the last year, the founders decided to accelerate the company’s growth and have raised 2 funds. The first of 2 million, followed by another of 15 million euros, and have grown from 10 to 100 employees, with a target of 200 employees by July 2021. The opening of a new country (Germany) will further accelerate growth with 100 clients in 3 months. Agicap has experienced 900% growth over the last 12 months and needs the right tools to effectively support this very rapid evolution. Kaspr has been supporting Agicap for several months in its lead generation to meet their growth and lead generation challenges.

How Kaspr helped

At first we were using Kaspr to retrieve contact information from time to time. But then we really decided to structure our sales process to support our strong growth and generate leads more efficiently.  So we started using the Kaspr API very quickly because we were in a real “scale” situation. Over the last 3 months, the sales team has grown 3 times, so we needed a tool that could generate a lot of leads quickly and automatically.

“The only way to keep up with the company’s growth was to use the API to generate even more leads.”

Since using the Kaspr API, we have multiplied the number of demos booked by 4. Kaspr has become one of our leading data providers and is truly one of the ones we put at the center of our lead generation. We test a lot of tools, at least 1 tool per week to improve processes and optimize them. It’s a tool we immediately adopted.
The process is very simple, we identify on LinkedIn the companies and the decision-makers we want to contact. And then we do our outbound sequence by email and phone. What’s really practical with the API is that we can incorporate Kaspr into our lead generation process, where and when we want to. So we can completely customize our process and acquisition channel.

Amazing !

What I like most about Kaspr is the ability to use the Kaspr API and perform quick, automated searches.

François de fromet

Head of Growth at Agicap


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