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Craft AI

"What I like most about the tool is the possibility to quickly implement sales actions" Elie Tordjman, Account Executive at Craft AI.

Craft AI is the editor of a technology that allows us to quickly deploy artificial intelligence projects by combining expert support with a unique, ethical and responsible machine learning technology. Craft ai is used by players in various markets by being integrated into business dashboards, mobile applications, connected objects or chatbots. For more than 8 years, they has been enabling the rapid deployment of Artificial Intelligence projects by combining a tailor-made expert support and a unique, ethical and responsible machine learning technology. Discover how Kaspr helped Craft AI boosting their sales !


Craft AI’s Challenges

Like many companies, Craft AI’s goal was to identify new customers for their business development to support their growth. Elie Tordjman, account executive at Craft AI said : “Before Kaspr I was using a competitor, and the challenge was to find more phone numbers, emails, contact information to make a more effective prospecting. Kaspr provided us these elements quickly and efficiently and if a French company can do it, we are even more delighted.”


How Kaspr helps

It has allowed us to be more efficient in our prospecting, whether by phone or by email. This tool allows us to reach people that we couldn’t reach before. It really transforms our business and the way we can close. Today you can get contacts from behind your computer without necessarily moving. Information has never been so accessible. It’s a tool that is super positive, both for telephone and email prospecting.

How they use Kaspr :


Very simple, we make our lists on SalesNavigator and export those lists with the Sales Automation feature. The one where there are only emails, we put them in the sequences. Where there are phone numbers, we call them. When people don’t answer, we put them in the sequence. Also, the extension allows us to send my contacts to Hubspot very easily thanks to the native integration.

Thanks to Kaspr we work better and faster !


With Kaspr, I have in 2 seconds the contact information for prospects.

With just a few clicks I can get their email and phone numbers. In addition, Kaspr gives a percentage of reliability, so you can expect to get a good or bad result when sending the email. It’s really very useful for my prospection!

Lara Perez

Senior Key Account Executive at Craft AI


9 Million

Total Direct Energies, Dassault Aviation, Softway

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