With just a few clicks, I can get their email and phone numbers. Kaspr is really very useful for prospecting.
Lara Perez, Senior Key Account Executive at Cubyn

Cubyn Success Story

Cubyn enables e-merchants to fully outsource their processing and delivery logistics by offering a first-class, unconstrained supply chain so they can focus on their business activity.

Their secret? They have built the best technology to optimize the logistics process. They store, prepare and ship their customers’ orders.

Cubyn’s Challenge

Since the Covid-19 crisis, retailers have seen their sales skyrocket. This is a great opportunity for Cubyn. The objective: To get in touch with their prospects as quickly as possible, to quickly position themselves as a leader and increase their growth.

How kaspr helped

“For our prospecting, we send emails and then make calls depending on the customer’s activity, whether or not they open our emails, etc. So we contact our prospects in a very personalized way. Our process is simple. We go to the LinkedIn company page of the e-commerce company we’re interested in, then we get the structure of the company’s email with Kaspr and we can get emails from several people in the same company.

I also retrieve with Kaspr the phone numbers of prospects to call them directly if they don’t answer my emails.

Before calling a prospect, I had some fears, the immediate refusal on the phone, the question “How did you get my contact information?”. But in the end, when you make them understand how you got the contact information, they are receptive, and this is also the rule of the game when prospecting: know how to respond to customer refusals and make them understand that you are there to accompany them and not to scam them.

With Kaspr, I have in 2 seconds the contact information for prospects.

With just a few clicks I can get their email and phone numbers. In addition, Kaspr gives a percentage of reliability, so you can expect to get a good or bad result when sending the email. It’s really very useful for my prospection!

Lara Perez

Senior Key Account Executive at Cubyn


€19 million

Rakuten, BackMarket, Fleux, Tealer and many others

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