Permis de Bouger

Permis de Bouger

"What I like about Kaspr is its ease of use, it's an intuitive tool! "
Romaïssa Benameur, Data Manager at Permis de Bouger

Created in the beginning of 2021, Permis de Bouger Accompanies startups in their B2B development and mainly contributes to the improvement, optimization of commercial channels. You will find personalized support, synergies of skills and profiles, keys and tools to boost your growth. They are your lead ninjas! They offer to act as expert and benevolent partners to your business, with professionalism, humor and simplicity.


Being a young company, Permis de bouger was facing the biggest challenges of startups, to generate growth quickly. This growth is expressed through the acquisition of new customers and without a significant marketing budget, there are only a few solutions: Growth hacking and prospecting.

We were using a lot of growth hacking and prospecting tools, but Kaspr convinced us straight away and within a few days we signed up for a subscription.

How Kaspr helps:

What I like about Kaspr is how easy it is to use, it’s an intuitive tool!

The tool directly met my needs to collect data via the LinkedIn chrome extension. Kaspr focuses on emails and phone numbers, which is what matters most to us today. What convinced me even more was the Sales Automation feature. I do a targeted search on SalesNavigator and run the automation to retrieve the contact information of all these contacts in bulk and in seconds, it’s magic!

Before using Kaspr, I was afraid to have difficulty in handling the tool, and finally from the first use, these fears have faded and the visual is very neat and it is ultimately a real pleasure to use the solution.

With Kaspr, I have in 2 seconds the contact information for prospects.

With just a few clicks I can get their email and phone numbers. In addition, Kaspr gives a percentage of reliability, so you can expect to get a good or bad result when sending the email. It’s really very useful for my prospection!

Lara Perez

Senior Key Account Executive at Permis de Bouger


Jannuary 2021

Artify , Speeko, HipipIn

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