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Jérémy Bendayan, Co-Founder & COO at Splashr

Splashr Success Story

Splashr is a video creation agency. It assists companies in their marketing strategies to design modern, dynamic sponsored videos that are produced according to the specificities of each network (format, user attention time, browsing intensity). Since its creation, Splashr accompanies the biggest companies such as Carambar, Winamax, Se Loger and even … TikTok ! We will tell you more about their success story …

Splashr’s Challenge

We have been using Kaspr for almost 2 years. Our challenges have evolved, but Kaspr is still with us every day. In the beginning, we used Kaspr to retrieve our prospects’ email and phone numbers directly from their LinkedIn profiles.
Recently, our challenges have evolved. We set up sponsored posts on Facebook, and needed to target a personalized audience to target contacts very precisely. Thus, the idea was to find these Contacts via LinkedIn filters and get their email addresses to put them in the personalized Facebook ads audience. Kaspr helped us a lot.

How Kaspr helped

We were looking to reach a target on Facebook, which we had identified on LinkedIn. Indeed, LinkedIn allows us to filter leads and find our prospects. The idea was then to retarget them on Facebook thanks to a personalized audience. The only way to do this was to use Kaspr to retrieve the email addresses of leads identified on LinkedIn with the “Sales Automation” feature and put them in Facebooks ads to have a very precise and sensitive target for our content. This feature allows us to automatically retrieve a large list of contacts with their email addresses.

“We save a considerable amount of time thanks to Kaspr”

The difference is that in addition to providing email addresses, Kaspr also gives prospects’ phone numbers. The email addresses are kept for the marketing team, and the phone numbers are passed on to the sales team for prospecting. At the same time as retargeting leads on Facebook, the sales team will prospect them over the phone, so we can get at them head on. On top of that, Kaspr is directly integrated with our PipeDrive CRM, so the export of leads is really automatic, which is ideal.

We save a considerable amount of time thanks to Kaspr

Kaspr gives prospects' phone numbers. The email addresses are kept for the marketing team, and the phone numbers are passed on to the sales team for prospecting !

Jérémy Bendayan

Co-Founder & COO at Splashr



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