How to define your target audience in outbound marketing?

Outbound marketing means going to your customers to convince them to buy your services or products. In order to spare your targets the impression of being harassed, it is advisable to carry out research beforehand to better understand their expectations. Knowing their weaknesses, or problems, will make it easier for you to gain their trust through an appropriate communication strategy.

This article reveals effective methods for defining your audience, namely:

  • creating a buyer persona
  • collect sufficient information about your target
  • knowing the communication channels of your target

Outbound Marketing

Creating a buyer persona

The buyer persona is an important part of outbound marketing. Indeed, you need to identify the target buyer profile in order to communicate effectively. To achieve this, you must :

Humanise the ideal target

Defining an age and creating habits for your buyer persona allows you to adapt your marketing strategy to your customers’ needs. After that, you will address them as if you know them. Thus, the buyer persona principle overcomes intuition and is based exclusively on real data.

Segment the target

Although your targets have many things in common, they act differently and may use your products or services in different ways. Therefore, categorising them allows you to define the commonalities in question, which will then be taken into account in your strategy. In principle, categories are about :

  • behaviour (habits, decision times, buying behaviour, etc.) ;
  • psychology (personality, passion, hobbies, etc.)
  • socio-demographic situation (age, gender, social status, etc.).

This categorisation guarantees the reliability of the data. Thus, other characteristics can be added to this list, but the aim is to succeed in humanising the ideal customer. For example, you are allowed to create several buyer personas, as your customers cannot be categorised in the same way. All that remains is to find out what effective prospecting tools to apply. Hubspot will help you structure your strategy and your leads.

Collect sufficient information about your target

The first step to a more human relationship between you and your targets is to get to know them better. In particular, avoid assumptions and gather as much information as possible about them. There are several ways to get closer to your customers:

If you already have customers

In this case, you can draw on their current situation. Get to know the ones who meet the requirements to be the ideal customer. Telephone interview or satisfaction questionnaire, choose the most suitable solution for your company. The telephone interview is perfect for customers who are more open to discussion.

If your business is just starting up

Your competitors are a good reference if you have not yet acquired any loyal customers. You will even gain more information by focusing on the communication strategy adopted by your competitors. All you have to do is find out which networks they use to make sales.

If you want to attract new customers

Research is the most effective way to do this. Thus, previous market research can be used as a basis. It gives you an insight into the needs, expectations and problems of your target group.

You can also approach a number of potential customers directly to collect data. Show them that you want to solve their problems to avoid driving them away. This last method is time-consuming, but it guarantees reliable data.

Target communication channels

Knowing the habits of your targets allows you to define the most popular channels. Outbound marketing is one with advertising and communication campaigns. When conducting research, define your targets according to the communication channels they use.

You can also define the number of your targets in an audience of a specific media. If there are enough potential customers in an audience of a given channel, it means that it is suitable to launch your campaign.

Banner advertising, goodies, etc., all means are good as long as they meet the expectations of your future customers and that the communication method adopted is in keeping with your company’s image. To identify your target, take into account the nature and quality of your products or services. In this way, you will be able to define your target and the advertising campaign that suits them.


Knowing your target audience well is the basis of effective communication. Thus, any company wishing to ensure a return on investment must know how to create a buyer persona. They should also know the preferences of their prospects. By applying the right methods, you are able to convey a message that will certainly attract the interest of your targets.

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