How to optimise your emailing campaigns in 2021?

Emailing remains one of the best solutions for obtaining a return on investment. To succeed in this campaign, certain challenges must be met. To this end, it is necessary to ensure that the email is received and read by the recipient. It is also important that the recipient eventually takes action after reading the message. In this article, you will learn how to optimise your email campaigns by following these steps:

  • Define your objectives
  • Use calls to action
  • Choose an attractive design
  • Clearly identify yourself and personalise your emails
  • Choose the right timing to send your message

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Define your objectives

You need to define the objectives of your email campaign before writing the content of your emails. Some of the objectives include generating leads and converting them into customers. It could also be to present relevant content to keep your subscribers coming back.

Whatever the objective, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • What information do you want to communicate?
  • To whom do you want to communicate this information?

This will make it easier to produce content that is relevant to your target audience and objectives. Using an automated marketing tool like Sendinblue will help you optimise your email campaign.

Choose the right timing to send your message

Choosing the right date and time to send your message is a key element in optimising your email campaign. The best time depends on the nature of your business and the profile of the recipients. For example, you should not send emails to B2B recipients at 11pm on the weekend.

Determine the right time to send an email by testing. It is also possible to track the performance of your mailings according to the time you sent them.

Be aware that you also need to address the right person to make your campaign successful. See this article for tips on how to approach your target: “How to contact the right prospect”.

Adopt an attractive design

In order to optimise your email campaign, it is necessary to consider the shape of your message. This is intended to visually attract your recipient and encourage them to read your email.

Therefore, make sure you choose the right template for your message. Also adapt the conversion objective you set yourself and the design of your email.

For a newsletter email, the main challenge is to balance visuals and text without overloading the whole thing. For an email that calls to action, especially commercial emails, keep the message simple with a nice signature and don’t forget your picture.

Clearly identify yourself and personalise your emails

Keep in mind that you don’t want to give your readers the impression that they are dealing with a robot. If you want them to read your emails, make sure you personalise your approach. This means adding a human touch to your message so that your recipient does not get suspicious. They will click on your email without hesitation. To increase the chances of your message being read, make sure you put a first or last name before your company or brand name.

These days, marketers are focusing more on personalising emails. This is a way to meet the expectations of consumers who no longer want to be treated in a standard way. They want to get relevant answers to their questions. Therefore, avoid sending mass emails. This will make you look like a spammer. Instead, prefer personalised emails with the recipient’s first name. Ideally, you should mention some historical information and justify the sending of the message.

Use calls to action

Conversion is usually the main objective of your email campaign. To this end, encourage your recipients to take action. It is therefore necessary to highlight in the body of your message the benefits of the action you mention in your CTA.

Here are some of the elements to include in a professional email:

  • Catchy, benefit-oriented text, which can take a variety of forms. In this case, it can be a reminder of the problem, a presentation of the solution and the benefits of clicking on the call-to-action.
  • A prominent and attractive call to action. Your recipient should find the call-to-action immediately. Make it clear and reduce distracting elements. Avoid simple statements such as “click here”.
  • Reassurance elements that feature testimonials or reassuring figures to reduce bounce rates.

By including these elements, you are sure to optimise your email campaign.


In order to optimise your email campaign, it is necessary to clearly define the objectives to be achieved. Also make sure you choose the best time to send your email. Don’t forget to adopt an attractive design and identify yourself appropriately while personalising your messages. Above all, don’t hesitate to use calls to action in your emails. By applying these tips, you are guaranteed a successful email campaign.

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