6 steps to a successful emailing marketing campaign

Emailing marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing channels. And for good reason, 293.6 billion emails were sent in 2019 according to Statista. This figure could reach 347.3 billion by 2022. So, to optimise your email campaigns, here are the different steps to follow.

  • Define the objectives
  • Define the target audience
  • Write the subject line and the preheader well
  • Write the content of your email well
  • Send your email at the right time
  • Analyse the results of your email campaign

emailing campaign

Define the objectives

The implementation of an emailing campaign must be part of a global communication strategy. It is intended to meet clear and relevant objectives. These can be :

  • converting prospects ;
  • improving the brand’s image
  • building customer loyalty;
  • launching a promotional offer;
  • introducing a new product;
  • etc.

The design and different elements of the campaign will be aligned with the final objective. The selection of your targets and the content to be distributed also depend on this objective.

Defining the target audience

To be successful in an email campaign, it is important to have a quality target audience. Then, you must regularly update this database. Indeed, the addresses at your disposal must always be functional.

The targeting must be precise in order to ensure a more relevant emailing campaign. This also allows you to send personalised messages that are in line with the needs of each target. You will find various tips on selecting your target in this article: Defining your target: the key to outbound marketing. You can also segment your contacts according to their geographical location, their preferences or the type of email to be sent. This technique allows you to improve the statistics in terms of clicks and message openings.

Write the subject line and the preheader well

The subject line is an important parameter in the success of your email campaign. In fact, whether or not the target audience opens the email depends on this element. Therefore, the subject line of your emails must be carefully crafted to be effective. This is the entry point of the message.

First of all, you should limit it to 50 characters maximum. The subject line should be clear, coherent and concise. Secondly, always use originality to make your emails stand out from those of your competitors. Original subject lines arouse the curiosity of the target audience and encourage them to read the content of the emails.

Secondly, the preheader is located after the subject line. It helps to give an overview of the content of the email. It is also important to choose the right words to use. Prefer a preheader of no more than 35 characters. Beyond this number, part of the preheader may lose visibility depending on the webmails.

Write the content of your email well

It is very important to build an interesting email body. Make sure that the content is easily understandable. Also remember to prioritise the information so that it leads the reader to the essential element of your content.

Adding a visual helps to quickly grab the reader’s attention. It’s also a good idea to include a touch of exclusivity in the body of your email. This way, the target audience will be satisfied after reading your message.

Finally, don’t forget to include call-to-action buttons. They allow readers to access a promotional offer, download a document or a video, subscribe… These buttons should be clearly visible in the body of the message.

Send your email at the right time

Before sending your emails, remember to check each element. This step is really important, especially if the campaign has a large target audience. It is important to test to make sure that the message format is compatible with different messaging systems and webmails.

To optimise your campaign, it is also important to choose the date and time of sending the messages. They must be defined according to the specificities of the target audience. You can rely on a digital solution to automatically schedule the mailings at the right time. With a CRM like Hubspot, you can create sequences with automated mailings. Afterwards, you can also analyse the KPIs corresponding to this email.

Analyse the results of your email campaign

Various indicators allow you to evaluate the performance of your emailing campaign. Monitoring them allows you to make significant improvements in future campaigns.

The opening rate and the click rate are among the most important indicators. The first is the number of emails opened by the target audience in relation to the number of emails sent. The second is the number of links clicked in the body of the emails compared to the number of emails sent.

However, there are other indicators that should also be evaluated during an email campaign, namely the bounce rate, the unsubscribe rate or the reading time per contact.

To conclude

The success of an emailing campaign requires more or less hard work upstream. It starts with the determination of clear objectives and a good selection of target audiences. It is essential to fine-tune every detail of the emails before they are sent. Afterwards, you will always have to make improvements based on the results of your previous campaigns.

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