How to enrich a list of contacts via a LinkedIn group?

In your B2B sales prospecting strategy, the creation of lead files is crucial. Instead of manually searching for contact information, use Kaspr, a tool that can automate this tedious task. Indeed, thanks to its Sales Automation feature, you can enrich a list of contacts via a LinkedIn group. How does it work?

In this article, we will discuss the following key points:

  • Preparations to make before using the Kaspr sales prospecting tool
  • The steps to follow to enrich a list of contacts via a LinkedIn group
  • Direct access to the results via the Kaspr dashboard
  • What to do with the contact information obtained

Preparations to make before using the Kaspr business development tool

Before using the Kaspr B2B prospecting tool, it is important to prepare your campaign well and to enrich a list of contacts. To do this, take the time to define your goals and target audience. Determine what information you really need.

Define your goals

What are your goals? Do you want to get new prospects and customers, follow-up on old ones or retain your current customers? By answering these questions, you can know exactly how many contacts you need to collect. You can also check out our page on bulk enrichment of contacts on LinkedIn. After exporting the obtained contact information to your CRM, you will be able to easily sort out the contacts to prospect.

Define your target audience

The ideal is to build your buyer persona in order to identify your target audience. This step is important to ensure the effectiveness of your B2B sales prospecting. It helps you know the right person to contact (their type of business, their position, etc.). Do you want to get the contact information of entrepreneurs, business leaders or other decision makers?

Specify the necessary information

Once you have modeled your buyer persona, you need to specify the information that is useful for your sales prospecting. Depending on your objectives, you may need:

  • your prospect’s full name;
  • the name of the company they work for
  • their job title;
  • their business email address;
  • Personal email address;
  • Their phone number.

Once you have done this, go to Kaspr.io to enrich a contact list from a LinkedIn group.

Steps to enrich a list of contacts via a LinkedIn group

First, choose the LinkedIn Groups that match your target audience and goals. Then, on Kaspr’s Sales Automation, start an automation. To do this, tap on the Kaspr widget and give your automation a name.

The next step is to select a workflow according to the action you want to take. Indeed, you can choose to enrich a list of contacts :

  • without specific criteria (including all prospect information) ;
  • with business e-mail addresses; or
  • with phone numbers;
  • with business email addresses and phone numbers.

Next, choose a list created on Kaspr and specify the number of leads you want to enrich. Take into account the number of credits you have available. Finally, start your automation and see the results on your Kaspr dashboard.

Direct access to results via your Kaspr dashboard

You can view the results of your automation directly on your Kaspr dashboard. How do you do this? In the Automation section, find the corresponding workflow and click on it. Find your automation in the Search tab and click on Profiles.

When you discover your enriched contact list, export it directly to your CRM or marketing tool (Lemlist, Pipedrive, HubSpot, Salesforce, Sendinblue…). Note that it is also possible to enrich a contact list via a LinkedIn search or a LinkedIn post thanks to Kaspr.

What to do with the contact information obtained?

With the contact information collected via Kaspr, implement your phoning, SMSing and emailing campaigns.


Now that you have the reliable phone numbers of your prospects, you can plan your sales call. Prepare the speech in a thoughtful way to get the maximum of positive responses. Define a good argument to hold the attention of your interlocutors and bring them real solutions.

SMS marketing

Use the phone numbers collected to conduct an SMS marketing campaign. It is a powerful and efficient way to establish quality relationships with your prospects or B2B customers. You need to send your leads relevant, results-oriented messages at the right time. SMS is also a great way to send your customers alerts, updates, news, announcements and appointment reminders.


Thanks to the professional e-mail addresses collected, quickly build your e-mailing file. To optimize the opening rate of your marketing emails, you must prepare them well. Personalize your e-mails, take care of their subject and use an identifiable sender inspiring trust. Also think about the quality of the content of your e-mails and the right time to send them.

Final words

We recommend that you define your goals and target audience before using the Kaspr B2B prospecting tool. Also take care to set the information you want to have to implement your marketing campaigns. There are a few steps you need to take to build a contact list via a LinkedIn group with Kaspr Sales Automation. Know that you can request a free demo of these steps on this web platform.

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