Getting Started

Kaspr is a lead generation tool that allows you to retrieve the contact details of your prospects directly by browsing their LinkedIn profiles or by using our search engine available on your dashboard.

A credit is a means of payment that you can use in exchange for information. A credit corresponds to a prospect's contact information. With 200 credits, you get the information of 200 people. To discover the information, simply press "Discover".

Advanced search allows you to get access to more information than the previously provided. The technology focuses more on the phone number and searches deeper in the web to provide you the most accurate data. By using the advanced search, it would cost you 1 more credit in case we find more information.

To create a contact list, search for the targeted prospect on LinkedIn or on the Dashboard. Find the contact details, and click on “add to leads”. By clicking on this button, you can register your leads which will then be added to the previous ones already registered on your dashboard.

Once you are on your dashboard you can click on home, then team and manage your members as well as how many credits you want to allocate to each user.

To join an organization, you can send a request to the administrator on app.kaspr.io/organization. If you already have been invited, you can just accept the invitation.

To remove a member log into your Kaspr dashboard, click on the home tab and then on “my team”. Once there you can click on the profile that you would like to delete.

You can export your contacts to your CRM or as a CSV file. Kaspr allows you to integrate with Hubspot and salesforce. In order to export your leads, go to the leads tab in your dashboard and then click on the Export CSV button or on the CRM you chose to integrate

In order to reset your password, you need to go to the login page and then click on forgot password. You will then receive a link to your email to change and reset your password.

Kaspr is a Google Chrome extension that displays the contact information of your future contacts by browsing directly to LinkedIn. That's why you won't be able to use Kaspr's features if you don't link your LinkedIn account during registration! Visit our knowledge base for more information: https://kaspr.io/how-to-connect-kaspr-on-linkedin/

Kaspr Features

Kaspr offers you different features

Download the Kaspr's chrome extension here : https://bit.ly/3n4dwBM You can get the email addresses and numbers of your prospects directly by browsing their LinkedIn profile. To do this, use our Widget directly from LinkedIn or SalesNavigator. You can find all the information you need on the Kaspr widget here : https://kaspr.io/how-to-use-kaspr-on-linkedin/

Automate your prospection by creating workflows! 3 different types of workflows are available : LinkedIn, Enrichment and CRM. LinkedIn : Send automatics invitations and messages to your prospects! Enrichment : Export a list of contacts from LinkedIn and enrich them with their emails and phone numbers! CRM : Export the enriched contacts to your CRM without any effort! Find our tips on sales automations here : https://kaspr.io/category/knowledge-base/sales-automation/

Search for profiles according to their jobs! For example, if you are looking to contact marketing directors, we will give you a list of profiles! The more information you give to the machine, the more accurate information you will get!

Get the business email structure and find your prospects’ email by checking it in the same section! Go to the Pattern tab on your dashboard and enter the name of the company that you want to reach !

Kaspr integrates with your favorite tools: Hubspot, SalesForce, PipeDrive, SendInblue, Lemlist and Zapier. To integrate your leads with your CRM, simply log in from your dashboard. You can find everything you need to know about integrations on our knowledge base : https://kaspr.io/category/knowledge-base/integration/

It is possible to process bulk data. For more than 1500 contacts sought, you can call our service. For more information contact us at contact@kaspr.io


To subscribe to a plan you must go to the payments page on your dashboard.

Yes! Register for free and receive up tu 25 free credits to use the platform. you will get access to the contact information, lead management, Export CSV

For discount coupons, you just need to choose and select the plan that suits you. A space to enter your code will automatically be displayed. Then follow the payment procedures. The offer will automatically been applied. If you have any issue please contact the support.

Our monthly subscriptions are non-binding and tacitly renewable every 30 days. Unused credits are accumulated the following months until you cancel your subscription.

Our annual subscriptions are non-binding and tacitly renewable every 360 days. When you purchase an annual subscription, you get all your yearly credits automatically added to your account upon receipt of payment.

To cancel your subscription, you can directly go in the payments tab on your dashboard and select the button "cancel my plan". You will get access to your leads and credits until your renawal date.

You can upgrade your Kaspr subscription at any time on your personal dashboard. You just need to go on the billing tab and pick the plan that you would like to change to and the number of licences needed.


Kaspr goes through the secure Stripe payment platform which automates your bank payments. Kaspr has no access to your bank details, they are protected. The prices displayed are prices excluding VAT. The prices of the offers may vary but are fixed for the users once the subscription is purchased.

Your payment method is by card ? Your Kaspr account will be updated upon receipt of payment. You will receive your invoice as soon as the payment has been accepted.

Your payment method is bank transfer ?Confirmation from your bank may take 2 to 5 days. Your Kaspr account will be updated upon receipt of payment. You will receive your invoice as soon as the payment has been accepted.

To have access to your invoices, you need to be admin of your organization. Your invoices are available on your dashboard , on the Billing tab.

To change your credit card, you need to be admin of your team. Then go to "Billing" and Update your payment info.

Data Protection (GDPR)

Kaspr uses technology intelligence that allows it to retrieve contact information in real time from the web. The data collected by Kaspr is available on the web. Kaspr temporarily records certain data for the operation of its service.

Kaspr is fully committed to the principals of the GDPR guidelines. All of Kaspr’s data processor providers have been checked to be GDPR-compliant. All of Kaspr’s data is held on servers hosted in the European Union.

Kaspr respects your privacy. As a lead generation tool, Kaspr provides contact information. To opt out, you can directly send us an email at privacy@kaspr.io with the object line “Opt-out Kaspr”. You request will be considered as soon as possible.

Kaspr offers you the best way to reach your customers.

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