What is a real estate sales prospecting strategy?

Real estate prospecting is specific for real estate agents or negotiators. When they obtain a complete offer, they have a good commercial performance. If you want to remember what we said about the perfect sales prospecting strategy to adopt, go back to the basics.

This article is about :

  • The definition of real estate prospecting
  • Methods of prospecting
  • The importance of real estate prospecting

Real estate prospecting

The specificities of a real estate sales prospecting strategy

Prospecting is a technique used by estate agents to increase their portfolio of properties for sale. The main task of an estate agent is to organise the meeting of supply and demand. But first of all, he has to find assets to offer.

LinkedIn is one of the most important prospecting channels for finding property owners. Simply examine the profile and collect the information of the contact you are interested in through the Google Chrome extension. For more on this topic, check out the article on 4 steps to effective prospecting on LinkedIn.

Real estate prospecting is the strength of the real estate business. It allows you to classify properties by type, quality, price or area. Then, thanks to these offers, it is easier to propose them to the final customers.


Methods of prospecting

There are countless ways to conduct real estate prospecting.

Digital prospecting

Digital real estate prospecting brings together tools and techniques that facilitate the search for leads on the Internet, such as:

  • social networks, in this case LinkedIn
  • blogs;
  • emails;
  • Agent websites;
  • instant messaging.

The use of the web allows for the development of real estate activities, through indirect prospection to attract the attention of connected sellers.

Prospecting by telephone

This method aims to contact the owners of a property via :

  • sending SMS messages
  • telephone calls;
  • property tracing.

Property tracing consists of collecting the numbers of the owners of the assets and pushing them to sign a mandate with the agency.

Field prospecting

Prospecting in the field consists of going directly to meet the inhabitants of the neighbourhood via:

  • door-to-door visits;
  • distributing flyers;
  • posting advertisements.

The aim of this method is to get to know the people who want to put their property up for sale.

Window prospecting

This involves highlighting the services offered by the agency to establish a prospecting lever. The two perceptible elements are :

  • the premises ;
  • the shop window.

When crossing the street, passers-by first notice the estate agency’s shop window. It is therefore essential to highlight the resources for sale and the properties sold. Furthermore, the premises can also become a driving force for optimising real estate prospecting, by personalising it and transforming it into a warm and welcoming place.

Event-based prospecting

The aim of event-based prospecting is to organise or sponsor private or public events in order to attract salespeople and advertise your agency. Several approaches exist, such as :

  • the organisation of events
  • sponsoring;
  • participation in events organised at the place;
  • sponsorship campaigns.

These methods are advantageous, but require communication campaigns or advance publication on social networks.


The importance of real estate prospecting

It allows the agency or network of agents to easily find sellers. Thanks to this method, real estate agents are able to expand their portfolio of properties to present to buyers and thus increase turnover.

Real estate prospecting also helps to build up a database of sales leads.

Finally, the practice of a marketing strategy adapted to the needs of the targets is within reach thanks to this technique.


What’s important

Real estate prospecting is one of the pillars of the real estate agent’s profession. It is important to vary the approaches and techniques used to successfully search for available offers from leads. There are many ways to do this, but LinkedIn is the most effective. This social network makes it easy to obtain email addresses and phone numbers of your customers by going to their profile. Before we end this article, make sure to avoid the most common mistakes salespeople do when defining their sales prospecting strategy.

Thus, real estate prospecting remains a crucial step in getting closer to leads that want to sell their possessions, but also to customers that want to make purchases.

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