Growth Hacking: propel your company’s growth

Growth Hacking is an innovative technique to ensure the rapid growth of your business. Do you want to increase your profitability in a short period of time and surpass your development goals? Growth hacking is the solution for you!

Let’s discover together the following points:

  • Definition ;
  • The steps to follow to develop your business ;
  • Tips to follow to succeed with this marketing technique;
  • Choosing the right tool to generate leads quickly with the social media

Growth Hacking


Growth Hacking is a term belonging to the jargon of digital marketing. It consists of implementing effective strategies to boost your company’s reputation. This technique also helps to increase the visibility of your brand. Its use contributes to the rapid generation of qualified leads. You can now read our article on the ba-b.a of Growth Hacking.

“Growth” is a term that translates into “growth”. The main task of a Growth Hacker is to create marketing actions that promote the rapid development of a brand.

The term “Hacking” is synonymous with growth in digital marketing. It consists of implementing low-cost strategies to optimise the growth of a company.

Growth hacking is a set of tactics used to develop traffic and brand awareness for a business. Its use offers you the opportunity to generate a large number of leads and customers through the use of several social networks. It is based on the ability to adapt your methodology according to the behaviour and maturity level of your prospects.

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The steps to follow to grow your business

In order to succeed with your growth hacking technique, follow the steps of the AARRR model.


The aim of this phase is to encourage people to visit your website. The Growth Hacking technique thus allows you to generate substantial traffic. Not all the Internet users who visit your website will necessarily turn into leads. This is why it is important to define your targets in advance in order to adapt the content to their expectations.


The strategy to be implemented aims to convert simple visitors into leads. The aim is to arouse their curiosity in order to motivate them to choose a product or service from your company.

The type of content to publish depends on the definition and maturity level of your target prospects.


The Growth Hacker implements retention tactics in order to retain buyers. The objective of the content published on the distribution channels is to encourage leads to be interested in new offers.

The referral

Referral plays an important role in any growth hacking technique. It is based on trust and above all on the satisfaction of your customers. The goal is to get new qualified leads from your customers’ referrals.


This stage consists of finding solutions to generate a rapid return on investment and ensure the growth of your company’s turnover. Growth hackers often attract consumers by :

  • offering tempting deals;
  • giving exceptional promotions;
  • enticing customers with gifts.

Call on a growth hacking specialist to find the ideal solutions to increase your sales and brand awareness quickly.

Tips to follow to succeed with this marketing technique;

The success of a growth hacking technique depends on the strategies put in place to convince your subscribers and followers to interact. Therefore, it is essential to proceed with :

Regular publication of relevant content

In order to gain the trust of your potential customers, stay active on all your social networks. The publication of an article arousing the curiosity of leads or offering a solution to their problem contributes to the success of the growth hacking technique adopted.

Collaboration with micro-influencers

Engage influencers in order to raise awareness of your brand quickly. A collaboration proposal avoids increasing your expenses. For example, you can offer them sponsored posts instead of paying them in cash.

Choosing the right tool to generate leads quickly with the social media

Using a growth hacking strategy on social platforms, including LinkedIn, helps your company grow. Use a lead generation tool such as Kaspr to quickly generate contacts via this social network for professionals.

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The essentials to remember

Using a growth hacking technique has multiple advantages for your company. Focus on social networks that can enhance your brand in order to increase your awareness and visibility quickly. In addition to applying the AARRR model, get a Growth Hacker to help you. Also choose a digital marketing tool that promotes the acquisition of new leads in order to easily convert them into customers.

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