Mistakes to avoid when writing prospecting emails

Writing prospecting emails is a crucial step in your marketing strategy. To this end, the first contact with a prospect is one of the most difficult situations to overcome. A salesperson not only needs to gain the prospect’s trust, but also needs to get a favourable response from them. In order to write an email properly, you need to pay attention to certain details. In this article we will focus on the mistakes to avoid when writing an email.

This article will deal with the following points:

  • Not considering the subject of the email
  • Neglecting customer feedback
  • Writing sentences that are too long
  • Sending an email to talk about yourself
  • Failing to mention the benefits of working with you
  • Writing vague calls to action

Prospecting email

Not paying attention to the subject line

First of all, be aware that wording that is too long and complex or too direct should be avoided. Nowadays, mailbox monitoring algorithms are designed to identify words that relate to commercial solicitation. To this end, your mailbox will automatically be formatted to block the message if the subject line includes certain phrases. These include: we are interested in your opinion, contact or commercial solicitation.

These titles should therefore be avoided in an emailing strategy. It is necessary to choose the subject of your email carefully. The aim of the approach remains focused on optimising and increasing the opening rate of your prospecting emails.

Neglecting customer feedback

Do not hesitate to ask the customer to reply to your email. It doesn’t matter if the response is negative or positive. You may gain information that will help you improve your sales strategy. You can learn how to deal with prospect rejection in this article: “Tips on how to deal with a prospect’s rejection better”.

Mentioning that you are expecting a response is a great advantage to your approach. Don’t worry if you don’t get a response to the first email. Don’t hesitate to send one or two follow-up emails to get a response. If you want to automate your emailing, you can use the sequence feature on Hubspot.

Collecting data and opinions from prospects is an essential part of a marketing strategy. The data obtained forms the basis for market research. These define the expectations and needs of future prospects. It is therefore an indispensable resource for companies.

Writing long sentences

Be aware that long sentences should be avoided in prospecting emails. They take time to read and are difficult to understand. To ensure the effectiveness of your strategy, be direct. Don’t spend time on introductions and don’t wait to ask what you are looking for in your contact. Tell your prospect directly what you want from them after reading your email.

Sending an email to talk about yourself

Apart from not focusing on the presentation of your company, you should also avoid talking about yourself in your prospecting email. The words “we are the best, the experts, the pioneers, etc.” no longer work. The email you send should be about your contacts, not about yourself.

Note that the form of your message should be simple, but effective. To this end, your objective should not be only implicit. Your message should be based on a business and marketing strategy. It is therefore imperative to have a reminder e-mail ready in advance.

Don’t forget to clearly state what you want. This could be a meeting with the customer to present your solution in more detail or something else. You will definitely get recognition from your potential client. This will show your transparency and help to influence the other party in the right direction.

Failing to mention the benefits of working with you

Obviously, you would have done without sending an email to your contact if you had nothing to offer. In order to get your prospects to engage with you, it pays to talk about the benefits of working with you and contacting you. Be careful, this does not only concern prices. Instead, offer something invaluable to your contact such as time savings.

Write vague calls to action

In principle, prospecting emails should end with an explicit call to action. To this end, avoid asking the recipient if they want to know more or if they want you to call them back. Make sure you use clear calls to action by mentioning a specific time and asking if your prospect is available to talk.

Note that your calls to action should always be in the form of a telephone appointment. Your contact should therefore clearly see what you are asking for as a next step.


In order to write conclusive emails, you need to consider not only the content, but also the subject of the email. Also consider your prospect’s response. Avoid talking too much about yourself, but properly present the benefits of working with you. Avoid long sentences that are difficult to understand. Finally, don’t forget the calls to action to complete your strategy.

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