Mistakes to avoid in business prospecting

5 common mistakes in business prospecting

You have effective communication strategies in place, but you can’t attract new prospects? Check to see if you have made any of the following mistakes. They can be fatal to your business prospecting.

To succeed in your lead generation campaign, avoid :

  • forgetting to define the target during a sales prospecting campaign;
  • neglect the sales prospecting plan;
  • propose a standardized offer during the business prospecting;
  • trying to sell at all costs during a sales business campaign;
  • Settling for one distribution channel to launch a business prospecting campaign.


Forgetting to define the target during a business prospecting campaign

The definition of the target is a crucial step in any business prospecting strategy. It consists in sorting out the customers in order to focus on those who can present an interest in your offer.

Many companies try to launch a lead gen campaign without having defined a target audience. This technique wastes time and money because it does not address a specific audience. Therefore, it does not convert leads into qualified prospects.

Mistakes sales prosepcting


Neglecting the business prospecting plan

The success of a business prospecting depends on its preparation beforehand. It requires the establishment of a prospecting plan that meets the needs of the targets. This step consists in defining :

  • The objectives of the commercial prospecting campaign: the company can set up marketing strategies to generate leads. These strategies are designed to prioritize the conversion of prospects into customers or the development of customer loyalty.
  • Techniques to adopt: the methods to adopt depend on the objectives set by the company. It is recommended to define in advance the prospecting tool to be used, to establish the editorial planning and to choose the communication strategy best adapted to the target audience.

Without a defined sales prospecting plan, don’t be surprised if you fail to collect contacts during your lead generation process.


Provide a standardized offer during a business prospecting campaign

Any content written for a business prospecting campaign should always be relevant to a defined audience. Address your message directly to your readers, si he can feel that the message is personally addressed to them. A common mistake made by communication managers is to forget that every lead is different. Every prospect also has his or her own particular problems and needs.

Adapt your content to the expectations of your targets so that they understand that you are offering them a personalized and customized service. This technique will allow you to score a point and get or stay ahead of your competitors.

Using a LinkedIn prospecting automation tool like Kaspr is essential to generating leads. Simply customize your message to convert leads into qualified prospects quickly. This application can indeed facilitate the outbound marketing process. It is also possible to use it to develop your outbound recruiting strategy.


Wanting to sell during the whole business prospecting process

Boasting about a product, its features and its ability to solve a problem is one of the mistakes you should avoid when prospecting. Of course, you may succeed in arousing the curiosity of your interlocutor. However, you risk disappointing them in the end.

Outbound marketing techniques are used to attract customers. Nevertheless, you have to think about convincing them without trying to boast about the offers you are proposing. Present your products or services by highlighting your company. This way of communicating favors a gain of confidence from your potential customers.


Be satisfied with a broadcasting channel during a business prospecting

Being active on a social network allows you to generate traffic, provided you do it right. On the other hand, using only one channel for sales prospecting limits the opportunities to increase the number of qualified leads. You have to be in the right place, where your prospects are.

Your future customers may spend time on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. Because of this, focus on the most popular platforms. Multi-channel prospecting proves to be an effective solution to develop new customer acquisition strategies.


The objective of a business prospecting is not to force the hand of the customers. Put them at the center of your concerns, and propose solutions to their problems in order to gain their trust. In order to convert prospects into customers, don’t just develop several digital marketing strategies, also think about avoiding the most common mistakes. Now you have all the cards in hand to succeed in your lead generation campaign.

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