Choose the right prospecting tools for outstanding prospecting

To optimize your company’s profitability, you must constantly think about improving your offer and your prospecting strategy. Indeed, your products/services must first meet the real needs of your target audience: this is the basis of any commercial activity. Then, you have to know how to highlight them to attract the attention of your potential buyers and hope to make sales. This second part of your marketing plan is particularly important because it directly affects your ability to grow. If your prospecting strategy is effective, you will attract more prospects and generate more qualified leads. In particular, using specially dedicated tools can help you prospect better.

Find out in this article:

  • What can we say about prospecting tools?
  • How to choose a prospecting tool adapted to your needs?
  • What are the 3 best prospecting tools?

prospecting tools

What can we say about prospecting tools?

All software, web platforms and applications that are able to assist you in your search for new prospects can be qualified as “prospecting tools”. In other words, prospecting tools are essential accessories to a marketing strategy. They help you generate leads, convert prospects into customers and close sales. They can be used in both B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer) marketing. In practice, they allow you to find and target prospects. They also contribute to the segmentation of your contact base in your prospecting file and to the personalization of your sales approach (the first contact). They will certainly be useful if you intend to expand your customer base or increase your professional network. By using effective prospecting tools that are adapted to your needs, you are sure to increase your sales

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How to choose a prospecting tool adapted to your needs?

You should know that not all prospecting tools are necessarily adapted to your needs. Some of them may simply be incompatible with your sector of activity or your internal organization. Others may be irrelevant and ineffective. If you want to identify which ones are best for you, you need to determine your needs beforehand. These will guide you to your ideal prospecting tool. To do this, you need to answer the following questions:

  • Do you need to centralize all your customer data in a single tool? This would also allow you to follow the evolution of each of your customers.
  • Do you want to save time in collecting lead information? There are specialized prospecting tools that can perfectly meet this kind of requirement.
  • Do you need to verify the validity of the information collected on the leads? Prospecting tools are able to ensure that your database is always up to date.

Identify your needs and sort out the different prospecting tools that can meet them. Don’t forget to compare the offers and solutions available before making a final decision. This will help you to avoid possible losses or disappointments.

What are the 3 best prospecting tools?

Before giving you the list of the 3 best prospecting tools, we recommend that you do not opt for free software. They seem interesting at first glance, especially when you are just starting out or when you have insufficient cash. However, their weaknesses can quickly become apparent. Indeed, the risks are more pronounced regarding the security of your data. Especially since the limited functionality can compromise your business development strategy. It is always wiser to invest some of your money in a secure, practical and functional tool.

Here are the top 3 best prospecting tools:

  • LinkedIn: the must-have professional social network for digital prospecting (especially in B2B);
  • HubSpot: the CRM tool par excellence to be used by all digital prospectors (it allows you to better manage your leads and their contacts, to better focus your prospecting actions and to follow in real time the engagement of your prospects);
  • Kaspr: the lead generation tool that automates your prospecting on LinkedIn (it gives you the possibility to retrieve the email addresses and phone numbers of your prospects, then export them directly to your CRM).

Use Kaspr now on Linkedin!

Don’t hesitate to use these 3 tools simultaneously to reach your marketing goals. If you activate the paid features, you will further optimize the expected results. Kaspr, the most practical tool, because it integrates perfectly with your CRM tool. Plus, it’s easy to use, as you can simply look up your prospects’ LinkedIn profile to retrieve their contact information.

In summary

Before you start looking for your next prospecting tool, identify your marketing strategy needs beforehand. Then, choose the software that recognized as the best and choose the ones with proven performance. Remember that your choice will determine your future growth and profitability. You can read our article to learn more about the tools of a CRM commercial prospecting strategy.

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