Sales prospecting strategy: Prospecting vs Retargeting ?

Outbound marketing contains more than twenty effective prospecting strategies. Acquiring leads becomes easier thanks to prospecting and retargeting strategies. We talked several times about the basics of sales prospecting, but which one is the most effective? A retargeting sales prospecting strategy might be the solution for your business. Find out the answers in this article.

  • the benefits of outbound marketing prospecting
  • the definition of retargeting
  • retargeting in outbound marketing


The advantages of outbound marketing prospecting

Prospecting, a strategy as old as sales, is still widely used today. In the past, companies limited themselves to direct prospecting such as door-to-door canvassing, leafleting, etc. Thanks to constantly evolving technology, the costs involved in prospecting are now lower. With more automation and less travel, prospecting is becoming less time consuming. You can use Lemlist to automate your leads and design your cold emails. With telephone prospecting and other modern and effective online techniques, you can contact a maximum number of prospects in a minimum amount of time.

Today, it is easier to reduce or even avoid losing customers. Companies can stay ahead of the competition more easily. Automation allows for regular and secure monitoring of customer portfolios. In addition, to ensure a personal relationship between the company and the prospects, the needs of the targets must be defined in advance. Thus, the relationship of trust is established more quickly and the prospect becomes easier to convince.

But there is always a downside. Prospecting is considered a time-consuming activity. A company cannot contact everyone. It has to define its target and know their needs. Customer portfolios need frequent updating and strict follow-up. Hence the need for the retargeting system.


The definition of a retargeting sales prospecting strategy

“Retargeting” or advertising retargeting consists of sending advertising content to defined targets. This strategy is aimed solely at Internet users. Although the number of prospects is considerably reduced, the company obtains quality leads. Returns on investment are guaranteed with retargeting.

In order to offer targeted advertising, companies conduct research into the habits of Internet users. They are likely to follow their website and be interested in the services offered. Browsing history, most visited websites, etc., are among the objects of this study. Therefore, this technique makes it possible to find out their real needs and to offer them personalised ads. The aim is to encourage the target to return to the platform and place an order.

Given the number of websites and Internet users, it is impossible to obtain 100% accurate tracking. Thus, to reduce the uncertainty, outbound marketers opt for tracking tools. These tools, which in most cases are not free of charge, offer a reliable result thanks to automation.


Retargeting in outbound marketing

Retargeting tends to lower the audience generated. However, the quality of the leads increases considerably with this technique. It is always easier to create content aimed at a specific target profile.

The mechanics of retargeting

When a user visits a website, the website invites him/her to choose the appropriate settings. In this way, the cookies store only the information that the user authorises to be kept. These text files store the data collected so that advertising agencies can retrieve it later. Advertising banners are created via the stored database. They will be displayed automatically on the Internet user’s browsing pages the next time he or she visits the Web.

The advantages of retargeting

Outbound marketing takes little time when retargeting. This technique is aimed more at Internet users than traditional advertising campaigns. Retargeting, as the name suggests, is aimed at a well-defined target. It is only aimed at Internet users who have visited the website that owns the banner. In addition, the proposed product has already been seen by the Internet user. This increases the chances of arousing their interest.

With retargeting, the conversion rate is higher. If a company achieves a maximum conversion rate of 2.5% with classic campaigns, retargeting offers double that.



Generating leads through outbound marketing is simple. However, a company needs quality leads to achieve a significant return on investment. To achieve this, you need a tool to automate the process. Whether it’s paid or free, there are a wide range of effective, efficient and easy-to-use solutions on the web. Read more about the efficient sales prospecting strategies you can implement.

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