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Kaspr lets you automatically enrich your leads with emails and phone numbers and helps you power-up your sales.
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Optimize advancement with Kaspr

Here is a summary of the features of Kaspr’s dashboard, complementary to the search for prospects via LinkedIn.

Search People

Search for people, directly from your dashboard. Senior developers? Marketing Directors? CEO’s? We’ll provide you with a list of profiles that match your search.

You can retrieve your prospects' contact information by their first name, last name or company. The more information you have about the person, the more accurate the results will be!


Get the pattern of a company, so you can get the email of a contact if we don't provide it in the LinkedIn extension.

This feature allows you to retrieve your prospects' email structures if you know their companies!

Optimize your prospecting

Find all the leads registered via the LinkedIn integration as well as the other features on the dashboard.

You can then add notes about these leads, export them to your SalesForce or Hubspot CRM or export them as CSV files!

Manage your team live

You can manage your prospection in a team, by sharing your credits with your collaborators.

Our integrated solutions will help you save your time, energy and efforts into building connections.

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An incredible tool for sales!

It allowed me to find in a few seconds the numbers and emails of my identified prospects! I’ve managed to increase considerably the number of appointments!

Nothaniel Trojman

CEO at 26 Academy

Much better than the competitors !

Compared to competitors, Kaspr’s data quality and quantity is much higher, especially for telephone numbers.

Elie Bisimwa

Team Leader at GetQuanty

Thank you Kaspr.io!
Set up this morning at 8:35 am and already carrying a first lead valued at 25k.

Highly Recommended !

Lionel Lejeune

Sales Executive at Star Leaf

Kaspr offers you the best way to reach your customers.

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