Should the different departments in a company be split up?

When a company is founded, it needs start-up capital and motivated employees. However, the initial spark will only be fuelled by a good organisational structure. To get off to a good start, the company needs to split up the various existing departments. Learn more about the importance of splitting departments in a company.

  • Specify the responsibilities of each department
  • Define authority relationships
  • Adopt the best communication system
  • Promote the growth strategy
  • Get support for the implementation


Specify the responsibilities of each department

In business, the division of tasks is important to achieve the common goals. By dividing up the various departments at the start, it is easier to define the responsibilities of each one.

Each department becomes autonomous in managing its responsibilities. This tactic gives independence to each branch of your company while allowing you to compare their results. This makes it easier to evaluate them when the time comes. It is even the best way to detect possible problems.

If your company’s objective is not being met, you will have no trouble determining which department needs a boost. On the other hand, by separating them, you challenge the managers to do their best. Because the responsibilities of each department are well defined, they are more likely to get involved. They will go the extra mile to achieve the goals set.

Define lines of authority

The first person in charge of a company is the manager. In the beginning, the manager can perfectly well manage all departments, i.e. production, marketing, administration, delivery, etc.

As the company grows, one person can no longer handle all these functions. That is why it is important to divide the different departments.

Only the heads of the department report to the management. Each employee then reports to his/her manager.

Clarifying the authority relationships leads to a better work organisation. This strategy is more than necessary if you have just started as an entrepreneur. You will quickly become overwhelmed if you do not appoint the heads of the various departments. In this article you will find tips on how to get started in entrepreneurship. You will find strategies to adopt for your first step as an entrepreneur.

Adopt the best communication system

Communication is the basis of a successful business. It is not only important for customers. The internal flow of information allows all employees to work towards the same goal. However, if you have not prioritised your company into departments, communication can be sloppy.

If there is a change in one department, you do not have to inform all your employees. You only need to share the new information with the department concerned. If you have a press release to send to all your employees, you don’t have to contact them one by one. There is always a risk that you will forget someone. To pass on the information, you only need to contact the managers of each department. They will then make sure that the information is passed on to their respective departments.

Of course, there are now many effective communication tools. They allow you to pass on information instantly. However, if you explain the information well, there is no risk of misinterpretation. Keep in mind that poor communication can reduce the motivation of your employees.

Promote the growth strategy

While a company may initially combine several separate departments, as it grows it needs to structure them. This is because a clear structure allows for faster development. It also works smoothly. It is difficult to set a clear goal if the different departments are not separated. Employees no longer know what is their responsibility and to whom they are accountable.

This misunderstanding causes confusion and stress and can even lead to conflicts of responsibility. This problem creates a lack of coordination and slowness in the decision-making process. Your teams end up spreading themselves too thin. In the long run, however, the company’s economy can be affected. By splitting up the various departments, you align all your energies towards the development objectives.

Getting support for the implementation

Splitting up the different departments of a company does not happen by chance. You need to make a thorough study. Companies usually seek professional help in setting up such a structure.

The autonomy of departments is not always a good thing for the overall optimisation. Even if they are independent, their results are interdependent. The departments must therefore work together in synchronisation. Sometimes a transfer of competence is necessary, even if it is difficult. The independence of each department should be a strength in the work organisation and not a barrier to the development of the company.


The hierarchical organisation of the different departments of a company is essential for rapid growth. It improves internal organisation, reduces workloads and, above all, creates good harmonisation. The division of departments should be implemented from the beginning in order to achieve the objectives and improve working relations.

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