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Kaspr lets you retrieve your prospect’s contact information from the web in real time. Built for businesses like yours. Get access to new leads, contact information, and credible data.

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Enhance your platform with integrations that fit your workflow. Get started in minutes and enrich your leads in real-time with seamless integrations that are quick and easy to set up.

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Data is treasure. Be smart. Utilize your time in building relationships.


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The top sales teams prefer Kaspr to convert prospects into leads and increase their revenue

An incredible tool for sales!

It allowed me to find in a few seconds the numbers and emails of my identified prospects! I’ve managed to increase considerably the number of appointments!

Nathaniel Trojman

CEO at 26 Academy

Much better than the competitors !

Compared to competitors, Kaspr’s data quality and quantity is much higher, especially for telephone numbers.

Elie Bisimwa

Team Leader at GetQuanty

Amazing !

What I like most about Kaspr is the ability to use the Kaspr API and perform quick, automated searches.

François de Froment

Head of Growth at Agicap