Newsletter: an interesting lead acquisition channel

83% of B2B marketers use newsletters in their marketing strategy. And for good reason, this communication tool has many advantages. It allows you to collect contacts and generate leads efficiently. Discover the main advantages of a newsletter in marketing as well as the different ways to acquire leads thanks to this tool. This article discusses the following points:

  • What is a newsletter?
  • Acquiring leads with a newsletter
  • How to make your newsletter successful?


What is a newsletter?

The term “newsletter” refers to a communication tool sent on a regular basis by e-mail to a predefined list of recipients. These recipients are usually customers or prospects of the company. It can be sent daily or weekly. It can also be sent monthly, every 3 months or every 6 months. This interval depends on the purpose of the newsletter and the nature of the content.

A newsletter is used to inform and educate subscribers on a topic that is relevant to the recipients’ interests. It helps to inform about the company’s offers, expertise or possible promotions. It also helps to increase traffic to the brand’s website thanks to the links inserted in the content sent.

Moreover, this tool is designed to establish a customer relationship that lasts over time. However, this lead nurturing technique also helps to move prospects into action in a progressive way. You should also know that a newsletter is perfect for generating leads.

Acquiring leads with a newsletter

A newsletter is an excellent sales tool. The aim is to attract the attention of leads and convert them into customers. By landing on your page, people are already showing an interest in your brand. However, they do not make a purchase directly. This is where the newsletter is most important. It allows you to provide more information about your company, your products or your services. It helps to maintain a relationship with your audience until they take action and make a purchase or an appointment. Through newsletters you can convert a reader into a prospect who, in time, will become a customer.

To be effective, it is important that your newsletter is well promoted. It must be clearly visible on your website. It can be placed on the homepage of the website. The frequency and timing of the newsletter should also be well defined in order to obtain the desired results. You can use software such as Active Campaign to create and send newsletters.

How to make your newsletter successful?

Not all newsletters are created equal. You need to pay particular attention to the creation and sending of this type of email in order to achieve satisfactory results. Here are a few tips on how to create an excellent newsletter.

Provide information that is relevant to your customers’ needs

In order to easily reach your target audience, it is important to highlight the information they need to make a buying decision. The content should be useful for your prospects. So put yourself in their shoes to determine their expectations. Consider providing additional information that is missing from your pages.

Refine your content

The content of your newsletter should be simple and relevant. Easy-to-understand language is important to keep readers coming back for more. Short texts are more appreciated by your recipients. They may not have enough time to read for a long time to get the information they are looking for.

Secondly, choose catchy headlines. A strong headline helps to grab the reader’s attention immediately. You can find more relevant tips on how to write such an email in this article: “How to write an effective prospection email“. Then, insert visuals in your content as well. This makes it easier to understand the message you want to convey. Moreover, it is pleasing to the eye and arouses the curiosity of visitors to your website. You can also optimise the effectiveness of your newsletter by segmenting it according to the expectations of the targeted recipients. This way, you won’t have to send the same message to all your recipients. More personalised content will be welcome.

Use call-to-action buttons

Add a call-to-action button in your message according to your objectives. You can also insert a link to an article, a form or another external page. However, a call-to-action button has been shown to improve the conversion rate by more than 28% compared to a text link.

What should we remember?

A newsletter is an effective tool for keeping in touch with customers. However, it is also a solution for generating leads. In addition, the creation of a good newsletter is necessary in order to achieve the set objectives. The creation of the newsletter must be effective, both in form and content.

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