Which webinar platform to choose to acquire leads?

Webinar is a true marketing lever that has been successful since the health restrictions were put in place. According to the New Challenges in B2B Marketing 2021 barometer, 71.8% of companies have migrated their budget to webinar. In addition to improving your company’s brand image, webinars are also an effective lead generation tool. Which platform should you choose from among the hundreds available on the market? Here are some examples of the most popular tools for professionals.

  • Ringover, a simple and intuitive communication tool
  • Livestorm, a very complete and easy to use platform
  • Teams, ideal to reach a larger audience
  • Zoom, a flexible webinar platform


Ringover, a simple and intuitive communication tool

Originally designed to simplify business telephony and improve the productivity of sales teams, Ringover has more developed features. Thanks to the Meet by Ringover extension, you can meet virtually with your colleagues and customers in real time. There is no need to download the application or enter personal data to join the conference. Simply share the link to the meeting with the people you want to invite (by e-mail). The platform is accessible via computer, smartphone or tablet. During your session, it is possible to activate the mosaic view with Ringover. This way you can see all participants, especially when the number of users is less than 20.

In order to generate qualified leads with your event, propose topics that respond to the problems of your targets. Share your program on social networks to reach the maximum number of potential customers. Also, improve your sales process and build customer loyalty by presenting frequent webinars.

Livestorm, a very complete and easy to use platform

The free version of the Livestorm webinar platform offers a more or less complete functionality. Connect with the tool directly in your browser without having to download the software. Take advantage of Livestorm’s performance to optimize your seminar. Indeed, you have the possibility to :

  • create a customizable registration form that can be integrated to your website;
  • manage the invitation emailing campaign;
  • track registrations and send reminders;
  • interact directly with the audience during which you control the interventions and answer questions;
  • insert content, links, etc., not to mention call-to-actions to encourage audience engagement;
  • record the webinar and send it by e-mail to the participants via the platform;
  • analyze participant data.

The limitations of the free version of Livestorm are that the number of audiences is less than 10 and the duration is limited to 20 minutes. On the other hand, with the paid version, you can have up to 4 hours of webinar with a number of participants that varies according to the chosen price. You also have the possibility to automatically send the contact information of your audience to your CRM software. The platform integrates with over 1,500 applications.

Teams, the ideal tool to reach a wider audience

Hosting webinars on Teams is an effective strategy if you want to attract new prospects, convert your leads and retain your consumers. The tool offers many features that allow you to best animate your B2B community and conduct information sessions with your colleagues. The platform can receive up to 1000 participants in real time by dividing them into several sub-groups. For a better flow of your live event, you will need :

  • An organizer to coordinate the preparation and running of the session;
  • A producer to ensure a smooth visual experience (switching between presenters, etc.);
  • A presenter to animate the webinar;
  • a moderator to accompany the presenter and whose role is to manage and answer questions;


After your webinar, Microsoft Teams offers you the possibility to download the recording and the questions/answers in order to share them with the participants. With the free mode, enjoy a 60-minute real-time interactive session with less than 100 participants.

Zoom, a flexible webinar platform

Used mainly for video conferences, Zoom has many features adapted to webinars. Like other platforms, you also have the possibility to interact with the audience thanks to the instant messaging feature. Transcribe and translate in real time in 30 languages with Zoom. You can also share files and present PowerPoint on your session screen.

The free version of Zoom offers the possibility to organize an infinite number of webinars. However, the duration is limited to 40 minutes with less than 100 participants. For the paid version (Pro, Business or Enterprise), you can host more than 1000 participants. Also, save your webinars in the cloud with a capacity that varies according to the chosen pricing level. To optimize the use of Zoom, download it from the publisher’s website and choose from the different versions offered. The application is available for the web, Android, Skype, Outlook, Chrome, Firefox, etc. However, the desktop mode is more powerful than the mobile version.

In brief

There are many webinar platforms that guarantee lead generation. However, their features and performance differ from each other. So choose the one that meets your expectations and objectives. In addition to offering an interesting topic, the fluidity of the videos or audio, the interactivity guarantees the conversion of your prospects into customers. Thus, it is advisable to check the capacity of the tool to broadcast your events online. Also take into account its capacity to receive the maximum number of participants and the price.

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