How to carry out a commercial prospecting campaign by email?

Emailing is an effective method to develop your commercial prospecting. However, the messages must be worked in depth to avoid them landing directly in the trash. How to achieve this?

To stand out from the competition during your commercial prospecting by email, find through this article tips on :

  • the different types of commercial prospecting emails;
  • the effective techniques to succeed in a commercial prospecting emailing.


The different types of commercial prospecting emails

Determined in advance, every prospecting email has a precise objective. Its content changes according to the phase of the commercial prospecting campaign. In order to create an email that is both captivating and adapted to your targets, start by identifying the type of emailing to be written.


An introductory email

An introductory email is the first contact with your targets. Attract their attention by fine-tuning its content. Compliment them, offer them a possible solution to their problem or make a constructive criticism of their company.

These communication strategies, which are widely used in outbound marketing, will increase your chances of receiving a positive response. Your email should make people want to respond to you, just like when you apply an outbound recruiting method.


A prospecting email

The role of this type of email is to incite a prospect to enter a conversion tunnel. It consists in attracting targets by :

  • writing a captivating email subject ;
  • mentioning a common knowledge;
  • introducing your project.

Your goal is to find a way to gain your prospect’s trust. You must also incite them to take a specific action.


A follow-up email

It is used to follow up on your prospect’s unanswered prospecting email. This phase consists in formulating a short message, but containing a call to action. This type of emailing can be sent 3 to 7 days after a first prospecting email.


A loyalty email

Customer loyalty is crucial in any business prospecting process. Keep in touch with your customers, inform them of your news or ask them to give you their opinion on your products and services. The objective of this type of emailing is to establish a long-term customer relationship.


Effective techniques for a successful commercial prospecting email

Commercial prospecting

You want to bring an added value to your prospect and avoid looking like a spammer? Take into account the following techniques so that each of your commercial prospecting emails makes the difference.

Write a short and captivating email subject line

As part of writing an impactful email subject line, use a catchy title in the form of a question. This style helps to grab the attention of your contact. Add email preview text, with the goal of offering a summary of the benefits they might receive by reading your email.


Offer impactful content

Think about sending a short, relevant and readable email on different media. Determine in a few lines the specific value of your products or services. There is no point in boasting about the features of your offer without highlighting its added value. Adopt a “solution to a problem” approach. The key is to try to help, not to sell.

Always end a sales prospecting email with a clear call to action. In particular, add an open-ended question with the objective of initiating a dialogue. And above all, don’t forget to sign your email to prove that you are human and not a robot. Internet users are sensitive to this detail. Besides, always favor a close and trusting relationship with your customers, the basis of the best marketing strategies.


Segment your commercial prospecting emails

A commercial prospecting email must be sent to the right person, at the right time and in the right context. That’s why it is wise to segment your prospects, in order to better know your recipient.

Using a prospecting tool such as Kaspr will give you the possibility to quickly export your contacts to your CRM after sorting and segmenting. Kaspr can serve as a LinkedIn prospecting tool, facilitating your process of acquiring new qualified leads. It is also an effective way to automate LinkedIn prospecting.


What to remember from this

Be persistent without harassing your contact, even if you do not manage to obtain an appointment after several exchanges. Also, avoid writing content that is too long and take the time to reread your e-mail before sending it to detect any language errors.

You now know all the steps to make your commercial prospecting campaign by mail a success. As a bonus, we offer you examples of prospecting emails so that you have no reason not to succeed in your email. Do you have any tips on how to find an effective lead generation strategy? Feel free to comment!


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