How much sales prospecting is enough? When does sales prospecting ends.

In the execution of a marketing plan, sales prospecting is a major step towards customer acquisition. It is a crucial phase that needs to be strategically designed in order to generate a significant return on investment. Defining your sales prospecting steps is the first thing to do. Then, the final sales prospecting steps: end of the process. Meaning, knowing that prospecting takes time and money, it is important to know how much prospecting to do.

Here are the points discussed in this article that will help you to overcome them:

  • The importance of prospecting
  • The objectives of prospecting
  • How much prospecting is enough?
  • What strategies should be adopted to ensure sufficient prospecting?

The importance of following the sales prospecting steps

Commercial prospecting is a phase that precedes the sale. The aim of prospecting is to generate prospects and then to motivate them to buy. When this phase is well developed, it has a direct impact on achieving sales objectives. In other words, prospecting has a major impact on the sales figures generated by your company.

Prospecting also allows you to build up a certain relationship with your prospects. In the process, you will have to share content or exchange with them. You need to provide them with information on a regular basis in order to create a need. This form of communication gradually builds trust. Provided you have addressed the right target, you have a huge chance of seeing this relationship evolve into sales.

sales prospecting steps end

sales prospecting steps end

The objectives of sales prospecting

Sales prospecting ends when your objectives are reached. The aim of commercial prospecting is, without doubt, to make sales. But before achieving this goal, each step taken has a specific objective.

Winning over new prospects

Companies implement a prospecting campaign as a strategy for acquiring new prospects. This involves quantitative research to obtain information about your target’s needs. Once you have the data, you have the opportunity to set up your strategy and determine the amount of prospecting to be planned.

Follow-up with prospects as the last sales prospecting steps ends

This is work carried out on a target interested in your product or service. In this context, the aim of prospecting is to encourage them to buy. Indeed, some prospects sometimes tend to procrastinate, or worse, to turn to the competition. Hence the need to follow up on them.

Portfolio development

You can also implement a prospecting campaign targeting your existing customers to improve your turnover. Here, the aim is to succeed in making additional product sales to your list of loyal customers.


Final sales prospecting steps: the end.

You will know that prospecting is sufficient when your goals are met. Once you have achieved your goals, prospecting can be closed. In prospecting, there are some key indicators to measure your progress against your goals. For example, you should consider the following elements

  • the number of leads generated per day;
  • the amount of companies contacted
  • the number of qualified leads;
  • the amount of quotes sent;
  • the turnover generated over a given period;
  • the lead conversion rate;
  • etc.

In addition, keeping an eye on this data allows you to measure the effectiveness of your strategy and to take corrective action if there are problems. You can use Hubspot to track the progress of your sales prospecting!


What strategies should you adopt to get the right amount of sales prospecting?

Emailing is a common sales prospecting strategy. This method requires the use of a specific tool, but its advantage lies in the possibility of automating the sending and sending personalised messages. We have an article with tips on emailing, if you are interested in this technique.

You can also choose to set up a dedicated prospecting team. This could be particularly effective if you want to prospect by phone. Participation in various trade shows can also be beneficial.

Prospecting can be outsourced, but you can also carry out these strategies in-house. Indeed, there are various companies specialised in this field that you can call upon.



Sales prospecting must be carried out on an ongoing basis within a company in order for it to continue its business. The amount will depend on the goals set in terms of conversion rate, turnover, appointments made, etc. Once you have achieved these goals, you can stop the conquest phase. Move on to follow-ups and portfolio development. You can start a new wave of prospecting, once you reached your objectives and the campaign has been completed !


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