How to connect Kaspr on LinkedIn ?

How to connect Kaspr on LinkedIn ?

Last updated: April 20, 2021

The must have if you want to use Kaspr on LinkedIn

Kaspr allows you to retrieve the emails and phone numbers of your prospects on LinkedIn. Here are the different steps tu use Kaspr on LinkedIn:

  • Be registered on Kaspr
  • Download the Google Chrome extension
  • Connect your Kaspr account on LinkedIn


1- Sign up for Kaspr:

Go to our website and click on “register” / “Connect”. You will have to fill out a form. Be careful to fill in the correct information (Valid professional email, Last name, First name etc.) otherwise you may not be able to finalize your registration or your account will be blocked (in case of misuse).

Once your email is validated, you will arrive to an onboarding page like this one:

Onboarding Kaspr


2- Download the extension

The second step is to download the Google Chrome extension. You can download the extension here.

Thanks to the extension, you will be able to find the emails and phone numbers of your prospects.

3- Connect Kaspr with LinkedIn

Once downloaded, return to the onboarding page and connect your account by clicking on “Connect”.

You will be redirected to LinkedIn to sync your Kaspr account to LinkedIn. The Kaspr widget will appear, you can then use Kaspr with your first free credits (if the widget does not appear, refresh your LinkedIn page).

Connexion Kaspr

Get more free credits !

The other steps of onboarding allow you to earn more credits!

  • Verify you phone number and get 5 more free credits !
  • Invite your colleagues to join Kaspr, for each registration, you will get 5 more free credits (up to 25 credits)

Then, click on “Proceed” to get access to your Kaspr Dashboard.

You can now use Kaspr. To understand all the features of Kaspr, you can read this article: How to use Kaspr on LinkedIn?