Prospecting on LinkedIn: How to generate more leads?

Prospecting on LinkedIn is an infallible method for your commercial prospecting. According to the Social Selling Barometer, 45.6% of B2B decision-makers were able to turn their prospects into loyal customers in 2020 on this social network. It ranks ahead of Facebook (41%) and surpasses by far Instagram and Twitter. However, having a profile on LinkedIn is not enough to increase the list of your prospects. This article helps you understand how to generate more leads with prospecting on LinkedIn.


LinkedIn: an essential means of commercial prospecting

The results show that the majority of Internet users are increasingly turning to LinkedIn to develop their activities. The Social Media Agency found that more than 72 million professionals are registered on the platform in 2021, including 21 million French users. It also mentioned that 40% of the active people connect every day, 84% of which are B2B decision-makers.

This professional social network is an efficient way to succeed in your business prospection. It gives the opportunity to get in touch with your target and to establish a relationship of trust with them.


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Optimize your profile for effective prospecting on LinkedIn

The profile shows a visual aspect that gives insight into your personality and the company you represent. Therefore, taking care of it will make your potential customers want to interact with you. To do so, several steps must be followed.

– Your profile picture should be professional, but not very formal. Similarly, the cover photo should also reflect the nature of your business.

– The title should express the added value you can bring to your prospects.

– Your profile should include a summary of your network objective, your field of activity, what distinguishes you from your competitors and your results.

It is essential to fill out each section well in order to give detailed information about you. By visualizing your profile, your prospects should be able to find the solution to their problems. This way you are sure to generate leads, maximize sales and build customer loyalty.


Interact with your network on LinkedIn

To be more visible, there is no need for outbound marketing. However, you will need to comment on, enjoy, and share publications that may be of interest to your prospects. Your comment should reflect your expertise and professionalism. This will allow you to connect with people who have reacted to your comments.

To prospect on LinkedIn, engage on as many conversations as possible. It is imperative to show your contact that your first objective is to offer your help and thus become their advisor. This will build trust and generate more interest from your potential customer.

Based on your feedback on the publications and profiles you have visited, LinkedIn will suggest people who have the same interests as you and contacts in common with you.


Be more active for an effective prospecting on LinkedIn

In order to attract as many potential customers as possible, you need to regularly share publications that may be of interest to them. You need to highlight your personal brand by sharing your experiences and results. In principle, a maximum of 5 publications per week should be made (LinkInfluent).

Apart from publications, you also need to set a target for the number of invitations to be sent out and private discussions to be held per day. Furthermore, choosing the right key decision makers in the companies and getting in touch with the right person is imperative for better results.

You will learn how to prospect effectively on LinkedIn by reading this article.

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Automate your prospecting on LinkedIn

Sometimes, you have a lot to manage while prospecting on LinkedIn and it must be done regularly to avoid losing your potential customers. You should therefore use a tool that ensures automatic lead generation. Integrating Kaspr with your LinkedIn account helps you focus on sales without worrying about how to generate more leads. Indeed, it will collect relevant information and contacts from your prospects. This tool also helps you send invitations and the “welcome” message automatically.



Prospecting on LinkedIn is more effective if you know how to adopt the right strategy. Knowing how to use the functionality of the network is necessary to find the most prospects. It is important to give the best image of oneself to attract potential customers and create a link of trust. To save more time, the automation of prospecting is very practical and allows you to save more time.

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