How to get emails and phone number from a LinkedIn group?

How to get emails and phone number from a LinkedIn group?

Last updated: April 23, 2021

Enrich LinkedIn contacts from a group !

By exporting and enriching with emails and phone numbers of contacts belonging to a group, you will be able to prospect them with a personalized approach and a message oriented to the interest point of the person.


How does it work?

Choose a group

The first step is to identify groups that interest you and in which you know your target is sensitive.

extract Contact Group LinkedIn

Launch your automation

  • Click on the Kaspr Widget.
  • Name your automation: This is the name of the search so you can find it later on Kaspr
  • Select a workflow to determine the action to perform: Enrichment, Enrichment with email pro, Enrichment with phone, Enrichment with email pro and phone or LinkedIn invitation and messages. To learn more about these available scenarios, click here
  • Choose a list created on Kaspr and the total number of leads to enrich (depending on the number of credits you have).
  • Then launch your automation and view the results on your Kaspr space.

See the results

Once you have launched your automation, you can see the results directly on you Kaspr Dashboard where you can export them to your CRM or as an Excel or CSV file.

The sales automation feature is available on the enterprise license



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