What is the best approach to successful telephone prospecting?

“Cold calling” is a powerful and effective marketing action that all types of companies can no longer do without. Indeed, this method makes it possible to directly reach a large number of prospects in record time and at a lower cost.

Discover our tips to excel in this field:

  • Prepare your call
  • Grab your prospect’s attention
  • Anticipate telephone objections and questions

Cold Calling

Prepare your call

It’s no longer a secret that cold calling is one of the least favourite activities of sales agents. However, good preparation is the key to a successful cold call. “Cold Calling” is an essential sales approach if you want to sell a product or service. So how do you prepare yourself for cold calling? First of all, make sure you have the right information about the person you are going to call. For this, you can refer to social networks, especially LinkedIn for B2B prospecting. There you will find information about your prospect:

  • Name
  • Age
  • His/her profession;
  • Seniority within the company;
  • Their interests.

Now that you have all the information about your prospect, you can move on to the next step. You can consult our article: 3 tips for successful sales prospecting. This involves setting up the language that will guide you throughout your dialogue. Exchanges can vary depending on the person you have on the line. So to avoid losing the thread of your ideas, key words are the most advisable. To avoid your prospect rejecting you, you must show that you are interested in him. You should not rush them at the beginning of your conversation with your offer.

Grab your prospect’s attention

Prospecting on the phone is very complicated because your prospect cannot see you. They rely solely on your voice and your speech. In telemarketing, the first sentences you say are decisive for the rest of the telephone conversation. Indeed, what you say in the first 20 seconds must absolutely impact your prospect. How do you hook a customer on the phone? What should your first words be when your caller picks up the phone?

To guide telemarketers in their mission, there are a few catchphrases that work well to capture the attention of prospects. Of course, you start by greeting the caller, but then you can say:

  • “We saw on your website that you offer beauty products made from natural ingredients. So you might be interested in our offer.
  • “I read a message you posted on [name of social network] a few days ago, saying that you are looking for […]. Our company can offer you its offers.”
  • “Can you give me just three minutes so I can tell you about the product whose brochure you recently downloaded from our website?”
  • “We work with companies in your field with very good results. Do you have five minutes now, or later, so I can tell you how yours can achieve the same or even better results?”

These tips are examples, and it is up to you to adapt them to your business.

Once you have these catchphrases, you need to work on your voice. It is always very pleasant to hear an understanding and reassuring person to establish a relationship of trust. Don’t hesitate to smile, even if your prospect can’t see you, this can be felt in the tone of your voice. Very importantly, listen to your correspondent. If you are respectful to the person, they will automatically be respectful to you.

Anticipate telephone objections

You should know that in various countries around the world, people are very reluctant to make cold calling. It is therefore essential to anticipate telephone objections to avoid making a fool of yourself. If your prospect says:

  • “I’m busy”: offer them an appointment at their convenience;
  • If your prospect says: “I’m not interested, I’m fine with what I’m using today”: be understanding and persuade them that they will change their mind by learning more about your offer.


As the conversation progresses, you will know that your prospect is interested in your offer if they ask you questions about your product or service. Being responsive to all their requests will increase their interest. Some prospects will not be convinced by your offer: however, do not give up and be persistent.

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