Which videoconference sales prospecting tool best suit your business?

Among the various sales prospecting tools that you can use, videoconference sales prospecting tools are very useful since the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis. They are very convenient, allow people to be efficient but it is important to have a quality tool, representing the quality of your product/service.

The videoconference is a mean of communication widely used for various meetings, seminars, training courses or business presentations. It overcomes the problem of the geographical distance between participants. However, it requires good preparation beforehand to ensure that the online meeting runs smoothly. Discover the main steps to ensure a successful videoconference.

  • Prepare the agenda and objectives of the videoconference
  • Select participants
  • Prepare the presentation and working documents
  • Choose the right room
  • Define the videoconferencing tool to be used
  • Perform a final check


Prepare the agenda and objectives of the videoconference

Before starting the technical preparations, it is important to set the objectives of the meeting in advance. These should be very specific. Next, the agenda should be established. This includes the main points to be discussed during the videoconference. In this way, the participants can prepare arguments or documents relating to these important points in advance. In addition, it also helps to mark out the topics for discussion.

Once the agenda has been defined, the next step is to determine the duration of the meeting. This should be set according to the density of the content and the number of participants. This parameter is important because each participant has his or her own agenda. Each participant should be informed of the date and time of the start of the videoconference as early as possible.


Selecting the participants

The participants must be well selected in order to optimise the meeting. The role of each participant should be taken into account to ensure that the videoconference runs smoothly. Next, it is important to limit the number of participants. The ideal number is 10 people maximum.

Remember to send out invitations well in advance so that they can arrange their respective schedules. If some of the participants are abroad, don’t forget to take into account the time difference.


Prepare the presentation and working documents

A videoconference is much more interesting with a well-prepared presentation and relevant working documents. Therefore, it is important to prepare the necessary materials to make the meeting more effective. These materials are more important in the case of a webinar. Discover other ways to communicate by reading this article: How to best communicate and animate your B2B community? You can use different tools such as Powerpoint or Google Slide to fine-tune the presentation.

It is also important to create quality content. Make sure you prioritise the ideas and keep the main points. Remember to keep the content on each slide to a minimum, as it is easy to give more detail orally in the meeting. Figures help to add value to your content.


Choosing the right room

The choice of room is also a crucial point for a successful video conference. For someone in the office, it is much easier to find a quiet corner where they can concentrate. This is more difficult for freelancers who have to work from home. It is important to choose a quiet place to communicate.

It is also necessary to determine the best place to be in the room. When choosing a place, make sure that the light does not dazzle you. You can draw the curtains if the sunlight is too intense. In any case, avoid standing against the light.


Decide which videoconference sales prospecting tool to use

There is a wide range of video conferencing tools, like Livestorm on the market. It is necessary to select the one that best meets your expectations. It should be easy to install and use. You should also make sure that the system used can guarantee the security of the data exchanged.

The choice of audio and video equipment is also important. It would be a shame to have poor sound quality throughout the meeting. The same applies to video. To avoid technical problems during the meeting, consider selecting a good quality webcam and microphone.


Perform a final check

A final check of all the elements is necessary before starting the videoconference. To do this, think about carrying out several tests on the different equipment. Do not hesitate to make the necessary adjustments to the microphone and webcam. It is also important to check whether the room is well laid out and whether the lights are well placed.

Next, consider sending a reminder to each participant so that they can remember the details and times of the videoconference. It is possible to schedule these reminders a few hours before the meeting starts. You can use these times to communicate the password to be used on the videoconferencing platform if necessary.


To conclude

A videoconference cannot be improvised. It requires specific preparations to be made in advance. It is necessary to be well organised in terms of timings and equipment. By respecting the different steps mentioned in this article, it will be much easier for you to succeed in your videoconference.

More than a videoconference sales prospecting tool, another useful tool for your customers’ experience are Chat bots.

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