How to send automatic invitations and messages on LinkedIn ?

Last updated: April 23, 2021

Automate your sales process !

Automate your sales process by sending automatic invitations and messages on LinkedIn ! This allows you to use an automatic acquisition channel on LinkedIn while continuing to actively prospect by email or phone.

How does it work?

Create your workflow

The first step will be to create your scenario and set up the automatic messages.

  • Go to your Kaspr Dashboard and click on the “Sales Automation” tab.
  • Click on “Create Workflow and select “LinkedIn”. The scenario is already created, you just need to set up the messages to send.
  • Click on each step to write your personalized messages. You can insert variables such as the Last Name, First Name or Company of your leads.
  • Once your messages are set up, save the workflow.

LinkedIn Workflow

Launch an automation

Go to LinkedIn and identify a list of contacts. To do this, adjust your search so that contacts appear on LinkedIn that match your target.

Open the Kaspr Widget and create your automation:

  • Name it
  • Select the LinkedIn workflow you just created
  • Choose a list and determine the number of leads you want to include in the scenario (limit of 1000 contacts / search on the free LinkedIn version and 2500 on SalesNavigator)
  • Launch the automation

All you have to do now is wait to convert automatically!

Sales Automation Kaspr

To go further:

You can combine workflows:

Don’t leave out the contacts who don’t answer your messages or don’t accept your invitations! Automatically recover their emails and phone numbers to prospect them via another acquisition channel! Read this article : How to enrich a list of contacts ?

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