How to successfully prospect on LinkedIn?

Prospecting on LinkedIn: how to do it?

Commercial prospecting is a task involving time and sacrifices. These are deterrent obstacles for many societies. The steps of canvassing are now over with the web and social networks. Find out how to use LinkedIn, the largest professional network, to successfully prospect.

Why start prospecting on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a professional social network with over 675 million members worldwide. It contains personal and corporate accounts. This network is intended for job search and job offers, prospecting and sharing of articles for the good development of business.

Remote prospecting has never been easier, and the search for potential prospects has never been faster. LinkedIn’s search engine allows you to filter your searches by industry sector, by geographical area, and by many other criteria. By consulting each profile, you can quickly determine the correspondence of prospects according to your expectations by referring to their areas of interest, publications and network.

By choosing to prospect on LinkedIn, you save time. Indeed, the time is reduced compared to the telephone canvassing or the mailing. This online prospecting strategy is not only fast, but also economical. Your prospecting will be even more effective if the image you reflect is qualitative and attractive.

The essentials to expand your profile on LinkedIn

Whatever the network, you only attract people if your profile is interesting. In the professional context, the prospecting of new customers is based on your image and/or that of your company. More than your products or services, this is the first thing potential customers pay attention to. It is therefore imperative to complete your profile tactfully as soon as you register.

Content sharing is also important on LinkedIn. With the help of content you publish, customers can gain insight into your interests, motivations and expertise. Take the time to activate your account by posting articles, commenting on or sharing your contacts’ posts. You’ll quickly gain notoriety if you’re relevant because quality is key to engaging an audience.

Smart lead generation

To expand your network and find prospects, you need to attract the right targets with effective techniques. Start by identifying those who regularly consult your profile through LinkedIn’s notifications. Among the many accounts you find in this category, don’t hesitate to add to your network the profiles that interest you according to your search criteria.

You can also view the list of recommended profiles on your LinkedIn account. Please note that this list is based on your entire current network, so these are similar profiles.

For a effective prospectingIf you are looking for a new product or service, consult your competitors’ network (market research prospection). You are likely to come across some opportunity takers. Use your own arguments, highlighting your invention and your company to tip the balance in your favour.


Get in touch with prospects

A good number of functionalities are offered free of charge on LinkedIn for the management of your networking. However, privileges are granted for premium (paying) accounts.

The free functionality

By adding prospects to your contacts, some will accept your request and others will refuse it. Unfortunately, with this feature that does not require any additional funds from you, you cannot contact your prospects without them accepting your request. You therefore need their confirmation before you can start a discussion.

Paid functionality

Inmail is a private messaging service from LinkedIn that allows you to send a message directly to your prospect even if he hasn’t accepted your request. It is an excellent way to start international prospecting. The subscription is 59.49 €/month for 20 Inmails sent, which allows you to prospect directly and continuously.

Some extensions to use to maximize the efficiency of your prospection

Digital prospecting with LinkedIn offers a lot of advantages compared to the traditional practice. With these paid extensions (software to be integrated in the browsers), additional functionalities are proposed offering an automatic LinkedIn prospecting.


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