How to use the Kaspr Widget on a LinkedIn profile ?

Last updated: April 22, 2021

Get Emails and Phone numbers from a LinkedIn profile

The main use of Kaspr is as follows: Once you download the Google chrome extension, you can go to the LinkedIn profiles of the leads you are interested in.

You can deal with different situations:

  • Emails + Phone number found
  • Emails found
  • No information found

Emails + Phone number found

At first, the contact information will be hidden. If you want to find out the contact information, click on “Show details”, the contact information will be displayed. You can then automatically save this information on your Dashboard and export this contact to your CRM by clicking on “Export”. To know with which CRM we are connected to, click here.


Widget Kaspr

Emails found

When we only find  the emails of the lead, you have 2 possibilities :

1- You prospect by email, in which case you can click on “Show email” to display the email.

2- You prospect with at least the phone number, in which case you can click on “Advanced search”. By clicking on this button, we will focus the technology on the phone number. If this advanced search is successful, you will be charged 2 credits and get the lead’s email and number. On the other hand, if no phone number is found, you will not be charged for the credit.

No Phone

No information found

This means that we were not able to find the contact information.

You can use the “Advanced search” button to see if by focusing the technology on the phone number we can find it. If at least 1 phone number is found, then you will be charged 2 credits, if not you will not be charged. You will just need to go to the next profile and continue your enrichment.

Advanced search Kaspr


To further your prospection, you can use the automatic enrichment offered by Kaspr and available on “Sales Automation” in your Dashboard. You can then enrich a list of contacts identified on LinkedIn automatically. To learn more about this feature, you can read our article here: How to export a linkedin search

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