Is offering a special offer an effective promotional technique?

A special offer allows you to offer a product at a reduced price or with interesting conditions. It is an excellent way to encourage your prospects and customers to buy your product. This marketing tool is called the “push” strategy, because it consists of pushing the offer towards the consumer. A special offer is very effective in increasing your sales, building loyalty among existing customers and developing your brand image with your target audience. Here are a few points that should help you refine this effective promotional technique.

  • How do you make a special offer?
  • What types of special offers should you make to promote your business?
  • The benefits of special offers

How do you make a special offer?

By communicating sufficiently about a special offer, a business will generate better sales which will also be a source of additional revenue. For a promotion to be successful, you need to be well organised and ask yourself some questions such as

  • What item will be promoted?
  • Will this product really please your customer?
  • When and where do you want to launch the special offer?
  • What messages are appropriate for your target group?
  • Will the offer encourage the customer to enter your business or buy your product in the future?
  • Will the price you offer consumers generate profits for your business?

Launching a special offer is one thing, but getting it right is another. Find out how to adapt your marketing strategy to cultural differences in this article. That’s why you need to identify every element that will contribute to the success of your project.

What kind of special offers should you make to promote your business?

Companies are struggling to find prospects and sell more of their products to their customers. Special offers are one of the best marketing tools to increase your turnover. There are a number of tried and tested promotional techniques that you can try out.

Price reduction

Do you know anyone who wouldn’t try to find a good deal on a product? Price reduction is still the most effective promotional technique. In this category, you can distinguish between coupons or vouchers found in magazines or newspapers, which are attached to promotional products. This discount can be in the form of an amount of – €10 or a percentage of – 25% for example.

Organising a game or competition

This concept generally consists of offering the winners a gift at the end of a game. The winner is determined by drawing lots. In this case, your reward will be given in the form of a product with your image to give you more visibility or in the form of a cheque. The bigger the offer is, the more people will participate. Now you have to choose between a contest with or without a purchase obligation.

The premium sale

The following method is designed to attract new customers and build loyalty by giving them a product or service when they buy your item. The customer will get a free pack of mineral water if they buy two. This concept is known as a direct bonus.

There is also the deferred bonus which is given to customers after they have made a certain number of purchases. After three monthly subscriptions to a magazine, the fourth will be offered.

Many consumers also appreciate the container bonus. It is similar to the principle of mustard glasses. Once the contents have been used up, you can reuse them as a glass and by buying again, you end up with a complete set.

Then there’s the special offer where buyers can pay for two products for the price of one. You’ve probably seen this in supermarkets with deodorants, shampoos, etc.

Sampling and testing

Trying out an offer with a sample or in a discovery session is another way to get your targets to buy your product. Perfume shops often use this method to promote a new perfume or cream.

The benefits of special offers

Special offers are among the best promotional techniques used by businesses to increase sales. By offering a promotion on an item within a limited period of time, you will create a sense of urgency among consumers who will feel compelled to make a purchase.

In addition, a promotional offer will have a great influence on your company’s image. Consumers will talk about your brand and recommend it to their friends and family, thus creating word-of-mouth. Nothing like this to increase your brand awareness and expand your community of buyers.

In conclusion

Building original promotional campaigns plays an important role in the development of a company. However, during your special offers, avoid selling at a loss. Once you have decided on the right promotional method, plan how you will get a return on investment in the very short term. Keep in mind that your aim is to make a profit.

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