Everything you need to know about prospecting and LinkedIn.

We have listed for you the most relevant and accurate prospecting statistics to help you boost your sales.
In 2021, for thousands of professionals, LinkedIn has become an indispensable tool for any B2B prospecting strategy.

In short, discover in this infographic. Many advantages and opportunities are opening up for you by combining the right digital tools!

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LinkedIn prospecting statistics


What you need to know about these LinkedIn prospecting statistics

First, LinkedIn is a tool that we no longer present you. Whether you’re a salesperson, recruiter or marketer, you can get the information you want for your business. LinkedIn prospecting is the key to a successful strategy in 2021.

Build trust with your prospects

Salespeople, personalize your contacts with valid information and watch your response rates go up. Increase your response rate by 20% by sending targeted emails. Get into social selling! Salespeople who are active on LinkedIn get, on average, 45% more business opportunities. Multiply your connections to extend your reach. Increase your credibility with your audience. 84% of French decision makers use LinkedIn regularly, introduce yourself! Creating a relationship of trust with your prospects is an important issue during the negotiation. Writing about your business issues on LinkedIn becomes a very good way to inspire trust and build credibility. Moreover, the more your content become popular, the more leads you get. Thousands of leads are generated from LinkedIn every day, don’t miss out.

Like that, build trusting relationships with your customers and prospects to close the most deals.

Better targeting and data

Marketers, generate qualified leads in no time! Enrich your contact lists by extracting contact information from your targets. Create personalized and attractive advertisement campaigns. 40% of buyers say that a personalized email subject line is a trigger for opening an email. Get information such as company, location, contact information, to get the most information about your personas. 80% of buyers say they research their suppliers before responding to their approach. Moreover, the platform is a great tool for B2B communication. Write about your company’s successes, your business partner’s, your team, your challenges… Continue the storytelling of your brand on LinkedIn, get your colleagues to do the same. Finally, optimize your company page for better brand image.

Your customers use LinkedIn to research their business partners. So, upgrade your page and be active, to establish your credibility and expertise!

The best talents will soon be in your team

Recruiters, LinkedIn represents a gold mine for you to recruit your talents. Employees recruited on LinkedIn are on average 40% less likely to leave a company in the first 6 months. Just like the marketers, it is time to present your company, its activity, its vision and its advantages! And so, attract candidates easily and durably! Get in touch with them, check their profiles and get their contact information. Finally, generate lists with the right contact information to continue the recruitment process easily.

Recruit the best team to grow your business more effectively than ever.

What to take away from all this

To sum up, prospecting on LinkedIn has many benefits and the numbers don’t lie. Don’t miss any opportunities. Using LinkedIn in your daily business activity has become essential. It is your opportunity to overtake your competitors and seduce your prospects.

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