Common mistakes in LinkedIn prospecting

LinkedIn is a social network that brings together the most professionals from different industries. Using this platform as a source of lead generation has now become a must, especially when it comes to B2B. Realizing the power of LinkedIn, many companies and freelancers started LinkedIn prospecting.

LinkedIn prospection

However, they fail to generate qualified leads. And for good reason, their approaches have flaws that prevent them from achieving concrete results. In this article, we invite you to discover the common mistakes in LinkedIn prospecting so you can avoid them or correct your current strategy.


  • Not defining the right target
  • Having a poorly optimized profile
  • Selling with a first message
  • Using free prospecting tools


Not defining the right target

Always target your prospects before starting your sales prospecting campaign. In marketing, the most monumental mistake is to think that everyone is your customer. Your products or services should not be generalized to an undefined mass of prospects. The first step of any good strategy is to know who to propose your offer to. That’s why you should always start by defining one or more buyers personas, fictitious characters that represent the ideal type of customer.

Whether it is a LinkedIn prospecting or not, a good targeting allows you to have quality leads that share the same interests. This way, it would be easier to offer solutions to their problems or answers to their needs via your products or services.


Having a poorly optimized profile

How to properly enrich your contact list without even having a good LinkedIn profile? Always remember that this interface should present who you are at a glance. To succeed in your LinkedIn prospecting campaign, avoid empty profiles that may scare off your potential clients.

The photo is the first element that catches the attention of users. Therefore, it is recommended to define the one that best represents you and your type of activity. Think also about the cover photo, which allows you to show your values and, at the same time, to say a little more about your business.

To generate qualified leads, you must also insert an effective title containing strategic keywords related to your business. Don’t just show who you are, make sure you highlight what you can bring to your prospects. Finally, you have the description section, where you have the opportunity to detail your offers.


Selling with an initial message

If you decide to adopt the outbound marketing strategy, avoid sending a message directly (from the first contact) to offer your services or products. In LinkedIn prospecting as in telephone prospecting, this technique is, in most cases, doomed to failure. In the digital age, the goal is not to make a sale as quickly as possible. Actually, the goal is to keep the business going by building brand awareness and customer loyalty. Moreover, in marketing, the objective is to avoid proposing yourself as a salesperson, but rather as a “solution provider”.

The ideal first message would be a small thank you note for making the connection. On the one hand, this could be a good way to start a conversation, and on the other hand, it is a polite way to start a conversation.


Use free prospecting tools

Free prospecting tools have certain financial advantages, as they allow their users to save money. However, it must be said that these types of software sometimes lack professionalism. The functionalities offered are generally limited, which could, therefore, affect a prospecting campaign on LinkedIn. The free version is rarely satisfying and has only one goal: to push you to buy or subscribe to the paid version.

An effective marketing strategy requires an investment in time and especially in money. A paid tool is richer, both in performance and in features. Moreover, you benefit from a technical support in case of problems. For easier prospecting that leads to good results, always opt for a paid software, such as Kaspr. The latter is designed to ensure the automation of tasks to support your outbound recruiting or outbound marketing strategy. It also allows you to automatically collect your prospects’ contact information for your CRM.



LinkedIn is one of the best platforms to deploy your marketing strategy. Using this social network allows you to generate qualified leads, provided you are methodical, use the right tools and address the right people.

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