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Kaspr lets you generate and filter leads from a list of contacts on your LinkedIn/Sales Navigator.

You can export these leads to your CRM, or our marketing tool integrations, or to Kaspr’s dashboard, automatically.

What else?

You can send the contacts directly to the SalesTeam or put them on custom audiences on facebook ads and retarget users through any sponsored post.

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Kaspr lets you get access to quick and precise data with smart marketing techniques that deliver quality results.

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An incredible tool for sales!

It allowed me to find in a few seconds the numbers and emails of my identified prospects! I’ve managed to increase considerably the number of appointments!

26 Academy

CEO at 26 Academy

Much better than the competitors !

Compared to competitors, Kaspr’s data quality and quantity is much higher, especially for telephone numbers.


Team Leader at GetQuanty

Amazing !

What I like most about Kaspr is the ability to use the Kaspr API and perform quick, automated searches.


Head of Growth at Agicap

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Kaspr offers you the best way to reach your customers.