How to use social networks in your sales process?

With the explosion of digital technology, companies are relying on technology, especially social networks, to grow. They are using these platforms to stay visible, enhance their image and increase their sales. Looking to sell effectively on social networks? Processes have been put in place to succeed every time. This is the case of social selling, a concept that is becoming increasingly popular.

Here are different ways to use social networks at each stage of your sales process:

  • defining the most relevant social network for your activity
  • ensure good visibility
  • develop a unique link with your prospects or customers

réseaux sociaux

Define the most relevant social network for your business

Mobilising social networks in a sales process implies first of all defining the platform that is most adapted to your activity. Between Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and many others, the choice is not easy. Newbies are tempted to use them all. But digital marketing professionals know that you only need to define your target audience to develop an effective digital strategy.

To sell a product or promote a brand on social networks, experts adopt social selling. This revolutionary process defines online sales in the 21st century. Its particularity lies in the creation of content specifically designed for individual profiles, i.e. your targets. For this reason, you need to choose the right social network and create your “targeted content” specifically for that platform.

For example, you can choose Instagram for quick, but high-impact promotion of your brand. This network is perfect for posting images and videos for your community. Alternatively, LinkedIn is the most suitable platform for B2B sales, as it has the largest number of registered professionals. Check out our tips for interacting and communicating better with your community via this article: “Effective solutions for better B2B communication“. Facebook and Twitter are also the social networks of choice for dynamic salespeople who want to keep in touch with prospects and customers.

Ensuring good visibility to sell effectively on social networks

Social networks are currently at the heart of communication and marketing strategies. They have even become real development levers, as they have turned sales processes upside down. Nowadays, mass communication no longer yields very good results. In order to increase your turnover tenfold, you need to adopt a personalised and targeted approach. This is why many companies use social networks to sell products and services or to promote their brand.

With social selling, the objective is not limited to trying to sell at all costs. You also have the opportunity to work on your image by developing a good visibility. Thanks to this approach, you increase your chances of sales and success. Indeed, your community or future customers will see, thanks to your page or profile, the offers that you propose. You need to be constantly active on social networks to work on your visibility. The aim of this strategy is to legitimise your brand to ensure your sales actions.

To ensure your visibility, you need to publish content constantly, without stifling your community. A calendar is set up to achieve the desired goals each time. You also need to maintain links with your prospects. You can combine social networks with other media, such as a mailing approach. On LinkedIn, you can easily find the contact details of your prospects using the Kaspr extension. Alternatively, keep in touch with your customers by using different communication media or social networks to give yourself the best chance.

Develop a unique relationship with your prospects or customers

Selling on social networks is also based on a process of continuous interaction. Companies see this as a real opportunity to build unique relationships with customers. Indeed, since you have to be constantly active, you will have to engage your prospects and customers.

To be successful in your sales actions, communication and interaction are highly recommended. This is the advantage of social networks. They are real platforms for exchange and dialogue. Your company will be listening, caring and concerned about the needs of consumers. This can make all the difference compared to other companies in the same sector.

If you are looking to develop your sales via social networks, you need to define the most appropriate digital strategy. Don’t hesitate to entrust this task to a digital expert in order to obtain tangible results in the long term.

The final word

Using social networks in your sales process means mobilising the right technical and technological resources. To do this, you need to know everything about social selling, a revolutionary method for selling online. It helps you to define the most appropriate channel, in this case the social network, but also the most relevant approaches. At the same time, this research process allows you to learn about strategies to increase your sales and improve your image.

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