The essential strategies of a sales prospecting

Sales prospecting is a marketing strategy that allows you to expand your audience and find potential customers. In fact, 20% of CRM data depreciates every year (Uptoo, 2021). In addition to the good management of the existing customer portfolio, it is also necessary to regularly find new customers to perpetuate your activities. What are the essential prospecting strategies that guarantee a rapid increase in your turnover? Let this article guide you through the following points.

  • The effective use of social networks
  • Organizing a sales webinar
  • The use of phone calls
  • Personalized emailing

commercial prospecting strategy

Using social networks effectively

Social networks are the platforms to use if you want to promote your business and establish your brand. There are approximately 4.5 billion active users, or 54% of the world’s population (we are social, 2021). In order to succeed in your sales prospecting on social networks, choose the platforms most used by your potential customers. LinkedIn, for example, is the social network of choice for professionals. On the other hand, Facebook has a larger audience with diverse profiles. Moreover, you can reach your international audience through social media and and prepare the next stage of your prospection in the best possible way.

How can you find people who might be interested in your offers on social networks and establish a relationship of trust with your community? Make your activities known through the publication of attractive, relevant and authentic content. Make sure these shares are accessible and easy to understand (short videos, texts written in a lively language, etc.). Don’t forget to interact with your subscribers by responding to their comments and feedback on your posts.

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Take advantage of the benefits of automation tools to facilitate your sales prospecting process. Chatbots, for example, are real automatic sales funnels. They guide users from their first action indicating their interest in the product to the payment of the order. Also use Kaspr, a lead generation tool that allows you to collect email addresses and phone numbers of your prospects. You can transfer the resulting data to your CRM in real time and use it to turn your prospects into loyal customers.

Finally, having a social media strategy allows you to better target people who are likely to be interested in your offers. Once identified, you can retarget them to convert them more easily.

The organization of a sales webinar

Webinars are a cost-effective and efficient sales prospection strategy. Mostly used for business meetings, the webinar also allows you to highlight the expertise and products of a company. The channel is an effective way to reach a large number of potential customers and create a quality relationship with prospects.

In order to succeed in your webinar prospecting, propose an attractive theme. Prepare content that meets the expectations and problems of your prospects. Then, find the right communication technique for a better visibility of your seminar on the Web. It is also important to organize your online event well in order to put all the chances on your side. Choose the right speaker and a competent technical team. Choose a strategic location with a high speed internet connection, etc. The advantage of this prospecting technique is that you can reuse the content for an indefinite period of time. Indeed, you have the possibility to continue to attract potential customers thanks to the replay. Remember that it is possible to interact with your audience before, during and after your webinar.

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The use of telephone calls

The telephone call is a sales prospecting technique often considered too intrusive. However, this strategy remains the best approach to have more human conversations with customers. It offers you the possibility to directly influence the decision of your interlocutor according to his behavior and his answer. Furthermore, in these times of confinement or teleworking, it is important to appreciate the advantages of remote prospecting.

To optimize your sales prospecting strategy, it is important to prepare your campaign in advance. Make sure you have a qualified prospect file. Make sure that the list contains contact information and up-to-date information on your targets (exact telephone number, e-mail and address). Then prepare a call script and telephone pitches while anticipating objections. During the call, your sales team should adopt a reassuring, sincere, pleasant and natural tone. Agents are expected to be attentive to the customer’s responses to create a coherent discussion and provide a more convincing pitch.

Personalized emailing

The emailing campaign is essential, especially in a BtoB sales prospecting strategy. Indeed, the majority of business customers consult their e-mail box at least once a day. Moreover, 80% of B2B buyers prefer to talk to a sales person by email (Sales Odyssey, 2021).

How to send impactful emails and make your campaign successful? Use a well enriched database and segment it to send personalized emails. Make sure the subject line is well crafted to capture the recipient’s attention. Use the right words to introduce your company and propose offers that correspond to the recipient’s expectations. Mentioning the prospect’s name in the text expresses your special interest in them and encourages them to follow up on your email. Also, adding the e-mail signature allows you to appeal to a relationship of trust with the recipient. Don’t forget to highlight the call-to-action button and icons linking to the company’s website or social media profile.

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There are many other prospecting strategies for salespeople. Sometimes specific to a sector of activity, such as real estate. Or others combining marketing and sales, Account Based Marketing is one of them. You can read more about it here.

In conclusion

Finding the right sales prospecting strategy that matches your company’s profile and your objectives is essential to quickly generate a return on investment. Using social networks offers you the possibility to reach a larger audience and to attract them to your company in a natural way. The same goes for webinars, which are a cost-effective and efficient way to create a relationship of trust with your prospects. In order to convert your potential customers and close sales, take advantage of the benefits of phone calls and emailing.

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