4 easy ways to improve your B2B marketing strategy

In order to achieve better results, it is important to constantly improve the techniques used in your B2B marketing strategy. There are different ways to get more leads, convert them into customers and retain them. Discover four simple ways to easily achieve these goals.

  • Create personas for your marketing campaigns
  • Gather customer feedback
  • Invest in content marketing
  • Adopt automated B2B marketing

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Creating personas for your marketing campaigns

A persona, or buyer persona, is a portrait of a company’s typical customers. A company can have one or more personas. These are used to personalise and materialise potential customers. They represent the profile of target users concerned by your marketing campaigns. This makes it much easier to create offers that are tailored to specific targets. You can read more about lead generation with a persona in this article: Lead generation: how to generate leads with a persona. In addition, personas save time in the development of your marketing strategy.

Each persona has a specific file containing a set of information. This includes biographical and socio-demographic data such as age, gender, social class, city of residence, etc. The card also includes psychological criteria, expectations and objectives. Before drawing up the cards, it is advisable to carry out a market study and to segment your targets according to your objectives.

Collecting customer feedback

Gathering feedback from customers will help you to make better progress in your marketing strategy. This feedback contains important data that can be used to improve the relationship with your customers. It can be related to their satisfaction with a particular product or service. But sometimes feedbacks are related to dissatisfaction. In any case, they contain useful information that can be processed and used to better meet customer expectations. Therefore, it is important to take the time to collect customer feedback in order to provide a better customer experience. There are different ways to collect this information.

Firstly, you can collect it via free surveys or polls. This provides data related to lead acquisition and conversion. You can repost it on your social networks including LinkedIn.

It is also possible to integrate a questionnaire into the company’s website. Users can provide feedback quickly when they visit the website. Some websites have a special area for ratings. Visitors can rate the company’s products or services with stars or numerical ratings.

Alternatively, you can collect reviews on social networks or on third-party websites in the same field as your business.

Invest in content marketing

A company blog generates on average 70% more leads. That’s why it’s important to invest in content marketing. This content helps to generate qualified traffic to the company’s website. The results are much better if the content contains links to other pages on the website. But it is also possible to share the blog content on social networks or on other partner websites.

Furthermore, you can showcase your expertise through the content of your website. This helps to build confidence in your visitors. Indeed, some Internet users are reluctant to make a purchase due to lack of information. So you can rely on your content to provide the information needed to reassure future customers. You can choose between blog articles, webinars, white papers or videos to highlight your expertise.

Adopting automated B2B marketing

Automating your marketing campaign tasks has many advantages. It allows you to centralise all communications. You will also benefit from an easy-to-read interface including all your performance indicators. Also, it becomes easier to understand your leads thanks to the different information collected. You will also benefit from real time savings by automating repetitive tasks. This way, the team can spend more time on other more strategic activities. Marketing automation also allows you to send the acquired lead directly to the sales team.

In order to improve your marketing strategy, you can automate the scoring of leads via digital solutions especially dedicated to this task. But you can also opt for the automation of follow-ups and mailings.

What should you remember?

To ensure the success of your marketing campaigns, you can improve your approach techniques. Marketing automation, the use of personas, content marketing, the use of feedback, etc. You have a wide range of solutions at your disposal. In any case, put your prospects and customers at the centre of your concerns in order to better understand their expectations.

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