5 reasons why personalised video is the future of prospection

Video will account for 82% of global internet traffic by the year 2021 (Cisco). This proportion demonstrates the importance of video communication in recent years. In the wake of this, personalised video has taken its place and proved its worth in the success of prospection campaigns. It integrates CRM data about a customer and allows for an appropriate response. Here are some of the reasons why you might want to include personalised videos in your prospection campaigns :

  • To stand out from the competition
  • To strengthen the relationship with customers
  • Increase your turnover
  • Video is a media that is very popular with the public
  • To increase the open rate and the engagement rate

Personalised video

To stand out from the competition

Using a personalised video in your B2B prospection helps to differentiate you from the competition. Indeed, the concept of personalised video is still little known by companies and marketers. By opting for this communication solution, you can make the difference between yourself and the content produced by your competitors. This new format will delight your prospects. Indeed, they are already invaded by countless emails, videos and messages every day. Your personalised videos will jump out at them directly. Find out more important tips for a successful email prospection campaign in this article: Business prospection: a guide to a perfect email marketing campaign. However, there are also other effective ways to deliver personalised videos besides email.

To strengthen the relationship with customers

The relationship with customers is based on trust. Therefore, by highlighting a unique and innovative experience through a personalised video, you can easily gain the trust of your prospects. By adding elements defined to meet the needs of the target audience in the video, they will feel more connected to your brand and at the centre of your concerns. Personalised videos can include the name of the recipient, the name of the company or the user’s profile picture. These details are very important from an emotional point of view and will lead to customer satisfaction. Suitable software, such as Play Play, can be used to create original personalised videos.

Increase your turnover

The use of personalised videos can lead to a higher ROI. According to Tubular Insights, 73% of marketers say that using video has a positive impact on a company’s ROI.

This is because 90% of users are more likely to make purchases with brands that engage with their audience and showcase offers that are relevant to their needs. Secondly, it is well known that a satisfied customer is a returning customer. So, by opting for the personalization card, your turnover can only improve. Statistics show that a personalised video is watched to the end in 82% of cases. If people don’t feel engaged by the messages sent, they stop watching the video after about ten seconds. Hence the importance of personalising videos to increase consumer engagement.

Video is a media that is highly appreciated by the public

More than 50% of consumers expect the brands they follow to produce videos instead of images or text. By offering video content to your targets, you can easily get their attention. Be aware that the human attention span is limited to 8 seconds. Therefore, the most important information should be sent in a very short time. The personalised video meets this requirement. This is why communication methods using this medium are so effective. The attention is much higher if the video is personalised. The target group feels more involved and more receptive, since the messages formulated are specially dedicated to them. Moreover, videos are distinguished by their visual aspect coupled with the sound effect. The messages are easier to understand and remember.

To increase open rates and engagement rates

Sending personalised videos to prospects can achieve satisfactory results. You should look at performance indicators such as open rate or engagement rate.

If you include a personalised video in your emails, your response rate is 39%. The open rate of emails sent to inbound leads is 70%. What’s more, you can choose from a wide range of formats. You can opt for live videos to highlight a new product or offer. You can also create vlogs, stories or tutorials. In any case, your video content should be adapted to the needs of your target audience.

What to remember?

Personalised videos are ideal solutions for attracting more prospects. Indeed, the advantages of the video medium combined with the benefits of personalisation lead to impressive results. By adopting this technique in your prospection campaigns, your customer relations and your turnover will be positively impacted.

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