How has COVID-19 affected the digitalization of commercial prospecting?

Sales professionals who continued to prospect despite the COVID-19 pandemic received guilt-inducing criticism from the beginning of the first containment. Fortunately, these professionals were not deterred by this criticism. The companies would have eventually gone out of business. These criticisms are a reflection of the new challenges facing marketing strategy to meet prospects’ expectations. So how has COVID-19 turned sales prospecting on its head? How has the digitalization of commercial prospecting evolved?

  • Prospects want to make money more than spend it
  • Sales digitization has been boosted by the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Prospects demand more autonomy


The need to earn and save as much as possible

In these highly anxious times, companies are deciding to cut expenses as much as possible. Nearly half of existing companies have cut their operating budgets. This is the category that sees the glass as half empty. The remaining companies are optimistic and plan to maintain or even increase their budgets.

Consumers are looking for the best deal. To do this, you have to convince them of all the benefits they will gain by choosing your products or services. Show them what they will gain by using them. The solution is to adjust your business development strategy to the current circumstances.

Covid 19

Acceleration of the digitalization of commercial prospecting

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way salespeople interact with decision makers. Companies have had to implement other business development levers to achieve their objectives.

The digitization of commercial prospecting was already on the minds of salespeople before COVID-19. Many already recognized the importance of digital interactions in their marketing strategy. But this pandemic has brought digital issues to the forefront, the field on which all marketing strategies of all companies are focused today. As a result, digital marketing has become a must for achieving objectives in this area.

More innovative lead generation tools are required. LinkedIn prospecting uses automation tools that collect information, including Kaspr.

A Twilo study conducted in 2020 confirmed this impact of the COVID-19 health crisis on businesses. It precipitated at least 6.7 years of digital transformation for businesses as well as their lead generation and conversion strategies. The study was conducted on a population of approximately 2,500 decision makers worldwide, including 300 in France. In this era of digitalization, customer experience is undoubtedly one of the most important levers of lead retention.


Prospects’ need for autonomy

Customers like to feel in control of their decision during their buying process, progressing at their own pace. The COVID-19 has also accentuated this fact.

Today’s prospects are decision-makers who want to retrieve the information they are looking for themselves. With just a few clicks, they can get the solution they need. They can even make comparisons for free.

These customers also want to make their purchase without having to go through a salesperson. They don’t expect you to sell them your products or services. These prospects want you to help them think through the process.

To capture the attention of an Internet user, the sales representative must absolutely understand his buying path. They must send the right message at the right time, understand their needs, respond to them and even anticipate them. This understanding is the main challenge in generating leads and converting your prospects into customers.

A sales person must always remember that a loyal customer makes regular purchases and will act as a free ambassador for a brand. They will share positive reviews on the Internet. This will optimize the customer conversion rate and the company’s turnover.


Things to remember

In sum, the COVID-19 pandemic has indeed changed the game in the world of business development. It has not made it more difficult, but it has promoted the digitalization of the marketing strategy. The salesperson must adapt to this new concept to reach his objectives. Lead generation is therefore essential. To this end, lead gen tools such as Kaspr can be used to effectively acquire leads and guide them through the conversion tunnel. This is the ultimate condition to ensure a return on investment.

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