Is it important to use a call script for prospection?

Most salespeople rely on a call script during prospection campaigns. In fact, a well-written call script is a great help in approaching prospects, converting them and building customer loyalty. Therefore, it is important to write it well in order to achieve satisfactory results. Find out more about the importance of a call script and the various tips for writing a great script.

  • What exactly is a call script?
  • The benefits of using a call script
  • How to write a good call script


What exactly is a call script?

A call script is a set of predefined talking points that are frequently used by B2B prospectors when talking to prospects. This telephone interview guide can also be used by a salesperson when talking to customers.

It is often used with a CRM solution. But it is also possible to integrate it into the interface of a call centre’s IT system. Thus, the connection history is available through a dashboard. This helps to improve the telephone script for future prospection campaigns.

Advantages of the call script

Having a call script in front of you helps you to better anticipate the reactions of your caller. Indeed, you already have a set of written answers to deal with different situations. This way, you will avoid moments of silence when you are still looking for a suitable answer to the questions asked. But also, you will be able to deal calmly with objections from your interlocutors. You can find more interesting tips on how to deal with objections in this article. In any case, salespeople will be more focused thanks to the presence of the call script.

Secondly, a call script makes it easy to achieve the goal of the conversation. You can easily start a discussion and enjoy the benefits of a well-structured conversation. In addition, it will be easier to insert essential elements of the prospection into the conversations. You might forget a certain part of your offer if you don’t have the essential information in front of you. The telephone script helps to answer the person on the other end of the line in the best possible way by limiting omissions and mistakes.

Finally, a telephone script makes it possible to standardise practices throughout the prospection campaign. However, it is important that the salesperson makes the various essential points in the script his or her own and knows how to adapt it according to the caller.

How to write a call script properly?

To optimise the use of a call script, it is important to spend a little more time writing it. Here are the different steps to follow in order to obtain a good call script.

Define the objective of the call

Before you even start writing the script, it is important to determine the objective of the call. In the case of prospection, the aim is mainly to set up an appointment or to establish relations with prospects. By setting the objective well in advance, it becomes easier to guide the talking points and predefined responses to be created for the phone script.

Create a good greeting

The first step in a prospection call is to announce the greeting. This should be well chosen so that the prospect feels confident and does not hang up the phone in the first few seconds. It should be simple and direct. It is important to get straight to the point while remaining polite. It is best to provide the name of the caller, the name of the company they represent and the reason for the call. To contact your prospect without having a business number, you can use Ringover which will allow you to call them and also record your calls.

Prepare the sales pitch well

The ultimate aim of the prospection script is to arrange a meeting. It is therefore important to focus your sales pitch on this objective. To do this, it is necessary to formulate the reasons for the call and explain to the caller the advantages of making an appointment. It is also important to make the prospect understand that your offer would be the solution to their problems.

In any case, you should not fall into automatism and read the script stupidly. You have to be adaptable during conversations. You must always insert that human touch into your dialogues and allow your interlocutor to give his or her opinion.

Anticipate possible objections

A good call script takes into account the objections that the caller on the other end of the line may raise. Indeed, the salesperson must be able to deal with these objections. The call script is the ideal tool to find relevant answers adapted to each situation.

When writing the script, it is therefore necessary to list the various reticence that may come from prospects. This may be a lack of time, money or indecision. By knowing all the types of obstacles that may exist, you will know in advance the solutions adapted to these situations. This way, you are more likely to achieve the objective of the call.

What to remember?

The call script is a guide to easily move towards the final objective of the prospection calls. As it is important to the success of these types of calls, it must be well written. In any case, include a good hook and a wide range of responses in the script. This will help the conversation move forward, regardless of any objections or mistakes that may arise.

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